In Your Face Like a Cream Donut! Bam!

When it’s like this at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

you go rock climbing.

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada


But when it’s like this…

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

you head over to Las Vegas and grab yourself a live show at..


Stephanie: In your face, like a cream donut. Bam! Next.

Customer: One hot chocolate, please.

Stephanie: Coming right up. (Sings) Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours.


Deer, OK, elk caught in the head lights.

He was like this deer, OK, this elk, caught in the head lights.

Stephanie: I’m kidding. Been happily married for years.

Bob, the Dunkin’ Donut Manager: Stephanie.

Stephanie: (Sings) I do believe. I dooooo believe.

Bob: Stephanie.

Stephanie: (Sings) I do belieeeeeeve.

Bob: (Waves hands in front of Stephanie’s face) Hey! Stephanie!

Stephanie: Are you talking to me? Because if you’re talking to me, you need to know that I only answer to Stacey.

Bob: Isn’t your name Stephanie?

Stephanie: Sure is, however my husband calls me Stacey. And I like being called Stacey.

Bob: So you…

Stephanie: Hang on. Here you go, one hot chocolate. (Sings) There it is. Huh. There it is.

Customer: Thank you. (Scurries out of Dunkin’ Donuts.)

Stephanie: Did you see that guy? Not good looking, but his hands were fabulous. He could be a french hand model. So soft. MmmmMmmm. (Singing) A little bit softer now. A little bit softer now. Do you know that song, Barbara?

Barbara: I don’t think so.

Stephanie: (Sings) In the year twenty-five, twenty-five. How about that one?

Barbara: Ummmm. No?

Stephanie: You don’t know the Fifth Dimension? How young are you? Hi there. Did you know that Barbara’s in a long distance relationship? Her boyfriend lives in Chicago and she lives here in Vegas. What do you think of that?

John: No?

Stephanie: Now I’ve been only working here for two days, but I think I know Barbara well enough to tell her she should use one of those online dating sites to find a boyfriend from this town. Thannnkkkk youuu internet.

Barbara: But I don’t want to give up my man in Chicago.

Stephanie: Barbara, I didn’t say you had to give up your man in Chicago, I said you could have a man in each town. Now, what can I do for you?

John: One tea and a latte.

Stephanie: Two teas coming up. Would you like cream in those?

John: In my latte?

Stephanie: Yes, in your la tay.

John: Isn’t there already cream in my latte?

Stephanie: No. You have to order cream with your la tay.

John: My la tay?

Stephanie: Yes, you’re la tay. You ordered two teas. Barbara, did you hear this gentleman order two teas?

Barbara: That’s what I heard.

John: Let’s start again. One Breakfast tea and one Laaahh-tayyy.

Stephanie and Barbara:…

John: Laaahh-tayyy.


Stephanie and Barbara:

John: Laaaahhhhhh-taaaayyyyy?

Stephanie and Barbara: Laaaahhhhhh-taaaayyyyy?

Stephanie, Barbara and John:

Stephanie, Barbara and John: Laaaahhhhhh-taaaayyyyy?

Stephanie, Barbara and John:

John: You know, a coffee with milk. One Laaah-tayyy.

Stephanie: Ah ha! You mean latte. Barbara, he means latte. Boy, different accents get me every time. Don’t mind me. I’ve had about a half dozen expressos. Whoooheeee! I’m a buzzing all over. I’d be home by now if Joseph had showed up on time to relieve me. Anything else?

John: One powdered jelly donut.

Stephanie: Now that I got. One powdered jelly donut, one Breakfast tea and one Laaaahhhhhh-taaaayyyyy coming right up.

Joseph cautiously opens the door, peers in, crouches, uses the wall for camouflage as he attempts to sneak by Stephanie.




Day 222,  April 4th, 2014 Check out our interactive map here. Below, the grey marker denotes Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rocks, Nevada

Shelley and John

28 thoughts on “In Your Face Like a Cream Donut! Bam!

    • Thanks for the compliments. I love your country. We are hoping to get to Yosemite. Even if we can’t climb there, (that stuff is world class) we just want to take a look. This is our third year we’ve tried to visit. As for Stacey, too funny. Tell me she’s nothing like this Stacey. Actually, she would be a hoot if she was.


  1. All I can say is I must get out more…where do you find these people?? I know, I know, at Dunkin Donuts…

    I snorted through this whole post, fortunately I was not drinking a Laaaahhhhhh-taaaayyyyy! 😀


    • Heyyy was thinking about you as they build the hype to the Country music Awards. My old ipod has a small recorder on it, but I soaked it with sweat from running and ruined it. You’re right, I need to buy a recorder. The best bit was people in the restaurant stopped and watched and then laughed. Awesome.


  2. Actually, I agree with Stephanie. Why are we belong so pretentious by using French names for the way we want our coffee? When I took my first venture to Starbucks and was asked what size I wanted to order, I was offered three sizes and didn’t understand any of them. Duh!


  3. OMG, if I’d had to deal with a Stephanie/Stacey before my morning coffee (laaaaa taaaaay) I think I would have thrown a doughnut at her. Great restraint on your part.

    And the photos? Spectacular, as always! I can’t wait to visit the western US as an adult (I was three when my parents took me) and your photos just increase that desire!


    • I will pass that on to John. When he finally returned with the order, the show continued. I need a recorder because I can’t type fast enough to catch all of the action.


  4. Haha I love these moments, where you repeat something over and over and a differently accented person still doesn’t get it. I feel like I’m often the person who ‘doesn’t get it’ though. Like when I’m at a restaurant and the server brings the food and repeats the names of the dishes super fast and I’m filled with panic like “OMIGOD WHAT DID I ORDER IT DIDN’T EVEN SOUND LIKE THAT.”


  5. Again, your photos blew me away! Love Nevada, Shelley! I’m looking forward to going there soon in order to do some research, but with pics like these, who needs to go there in person? Love it!


    • Thanks so much Jack. Slowly but surely. Maybe I’ll take a class in the Valley when we get back. Maybe make a friend or two. Must have goals. Nevada trip for Zombie research? I can’t wait.


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