I’ve Got a Job! I’ve Got a Job! I’m a Part Time Part-timer!


Kin Beach, Vancouver Island, BC

Experimenting with my new camera lens on Kin Beach, Vancouver Island, BC

Kin Beach, Vancouver Island, BC

Kin Beach, Vancouver Island, BC


Experimenting with my new lens, my mother day's gift.

Kin Beach is located near the end of Comox’s Air Force runway. Maybe an F18?

IMG_4889 Shelley: Hi Brenda, I saw your sign, “Part time position available.”

Brenda, owner of Abbeylane: Hey Shelley. I did think of you, but you’re so busy in the summer with visitors, road races, company, fishing, etc. etc. and you go away in the winter, I decided it wouldn’t work.

Shelley: That’s why I want to be your part time part-timer.

Brenda: What is a part time part-timer?

Shelley: You know, work when no one else can make it. Like a filler-inner.

Brenda: But what exactly would you do?

Shelley: Whatever you need me to do.

Brenda: Would you be willing to paint furniture?

Shelley: Yes.

Brenda: Have you ever painted with clay paint?

Shelley: Never, but am willing to learn.

Brenda: Would you work the floor when needed?

Shelley: Absolutely.

Brenda: Have you ever worked a cash register?

Shelley: You bet… Just over 30 years ago.

Brenda and Shelley: Oh! Ha Ha! Ha!

Brenda: You’re hired. Fotor0512220115 Customer: I’m looking for a side cabinet that will store napkins, place mats, etc. Do you have anything?

Shelley: Ahhhh… looks like Brenda, the owner, is busy with another customer. This is my first day, but I’m sure I can help you. How about this piece? It’s an antique, at least 100 years old. Shipped all the way from England. Am thinking Queen Ann. IMG_4914 Oh. I almost forgot, I’m Shelley.

Customer and Shelley: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Customer: It’s in great shape for being so old, but it’s a little too high. We need something about this height.

Shelley: What about this one? It’s not an antique, but it’s workmanship is of the highest quality, as it’s made by the Amish. They specialize in furniture making and and building barns. Together. In groups. You know, many hands make small work… or something like that. IMG_4916 Customer: Impressive, but it’s a little too wide. Guess we’re out of luck.

Shelley: Not so fast. Lucky for you, we have a warehouse full of furniture. I bet there’s something in there with your name on it.

Customer: Sounds good.

Shelley: Now this piece came from down east. Antigonish, Nova Scotia, if I’m not mistaken. It’s very old. A very very old antique made by hand. By farmers. In the winter. With hand tools like an awl. And of course a saw. Hand saw. That’s why the finish is so rough. IMG_4917 Customer: (Pulls out the drawers)

Shelley: Notice the tongue and groove joints. Not a nail to be found.

Customer: (Checks out the joints)

Shelley: It’s very rare. One of a kind. If one of Brenda’s regulars see it, it’s gone. Yes sir, something this rare is sure to be snapped up.

Customer: Shel-leeeee.

Shelley: OK. OK. You got me. Maybe I made some of that up, actually all of it up, but it is really nice and exactly what you’re looking for. And if you buy it, this will be my first sale. What do you think, dad?

Click on Abbeylane’s Web to find out more about this cool furniture store or like Abbeylane Home Furnishing Facebook page here.

Shelley and John

39 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Job! I’ve Got a Job! I’m a Part Time Part-timer!

  1. And did they buy it? You can’t leave us hanging!!!!! Looks like fun and lots of new skills to learn too. Go girl ☺


    • Exactly. I really wanted to be her back up back up. However, on the last day of my days off (There were 6, Andrew said that I was actually on a holiday) Brenda called and offered me the part time position. I agreed but only if she promised not to promote me again. 🙂 Too funny and a blast being there.


  2. How FUN!!!!! I wanna work there! Especially when you are working. I can only imagine the fun we would have lying to customers – in a good way! And, I love painting furniture! I painted a table and chairs once and was able to sell it for $3,000, right out of my home! You will be a perfect addition to the store, Brenda is a smart woman.


    • Please come and work there. You would love this clay paint. No sanding, just go go go. How did you paint your table and chairs? 3k? Brenda would kick me back down to part time part-timer if you came in and moved her inventory for that price. Wow!


  3. Oh boy! That’s all I’ve got to say! This reminds me if the antique shops across from the Queen Sirikit Center, always a treasure to find in one of those warehouses.


    • Oh boy indeed. She has so much different inventory. Now the Chinese and Asian pieces I have an idea, but the rest whoo hee a very steep learning curve. Yeah I think you have some treasures from the Sirikit Center now. 🙂


  4. The perfect job for you! Thanks for sharing your first day with us. I’d totally believe every word you said … and probably would have walked away with the hidden treasure in the back.


    • Why thank you. Unfortunately, fortunately? after one day of work, 6 days off, I was offered the part time position. I reluctantly accepted but only with the guarantee of no more promotions! The plan is about the same level of commitment. 🙂 Too busy!


  5. Shelley, I LOVE the hair, just confirming. 😀

    Your job concept/proposal is ground-breaking and worked!!!! That actually sounds like so much fun. I want to work there with you as well. Nevermind that I already HAVE a job, and no, I have never painted furniture, but I have sold food, clothes, beverages, motorcycle parts, you name it. That would almost be too much fun. And yes, I can make stuff up, but I would definitely not be as good at it as you are. Keep working on Dad. 😉


    • Ha! Ha! Thanks for the hair confirmation. My brother keeps calling my Myley. Whatever. She copied me. 🙂 Guaranteed you’d be hired with all those things you sold, especially the motorcycle bits. As for making stuff, of course you can, you’re a blogger. Dad has, unfortunately, moved on. Dang. However, I the little peach bench I was working on has been sold. BAM! I am paid on commission for painting. Am now working on a black dresser. Must add that picture to the bottom of the post. BTW, you don’t really need a part time part-time job, as you’ll soon be hitting the road. Whhooo heeee!


      • Heehee, thanks for the confidence…so excited your stuff is selling, even if Dad didn’t help. 😉

        Not leaving soon enough! Need to do a blog post about my little trip to Puerto Rico. No motorcycles, but it was travel!


    • Ha! Ha! Thanks. No more furniture for me too. I have a chicken coop in our garage. Bought wayyyy too much Chinese furniture while living in Malaysia. 🙂


  6. Wow! Shelley you look like a professional in your work apron painting and also, demonstrating the beautiful wares in the shop! I am so happy for you, I would call you a ‘substitute’ that takes over, when all else fails and no one else wants to work! Smiles, Robin


    • Awww thanks Robin. Unbelievably, I have reluctantly accepted the part-time position on the understanding that she would not offer me any more promotions. Too much stress! 🙂


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