What Other Products do you Have That are Super Expensive?

whitenHeather: John, you can lie down on this bed. There you go. Tuck this pillow behind your head. Comfortable?

John: Yes.

Heather: Good. Good. Let’s see how your teeth match up. Hmmm… You’re teeth are at level 12. I’m positive we can get you to at least level 8. First thing we do is insert the retractor… There you go… Now for the solution…
IMG2623And the last step is to turn on the blue laser light for fifteen minutes. All good?

John: Unnghaaa.

Heather: OK Shelley. Your turn. Let’s see. Right now you’re teeth match level 8. I bet we can get you to level 3. And for only $33 more dollars, I can do a second session, which will make your teeth so white, they’ll be off the chart. And for an additional $20 dollars, you can purchase a stain blocker. What do you think?

Shelley: Ahhh. Let’s see how the first session goes before I make a decision.

Heather: Makes sense. Where was I? Oh, placing the retractor in your mouth. You get this size because you have such a small mouth.

Shelley: Thank you.

John: Mmmmmph! Shahlley has a sall mou? Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shelley: Just ignore him.

John: Thas ah goo wun. Heh! Heh! Heh! Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shelley: You know what, why wait for the results? I will take that second session.

John: Whhhooooheee! Heh! Heh! Heh! Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shelley: And while you’re at it, why don’t you throw in the $20 stain blocker. What other products do you have that are super expensive?

John: Ha?

IMG2624IMG2626IMG2627IMG2628Shelley and John

28 thoughts on “What Other Products do you Have That are Super Expensive?

    • Ahhh thanks. Am actually gagging thinking about the experience and how she was “up selling” us. One thing about my mother, she sure made sure we visited the dentist and brushed and brushed and bruhsed… 🙂 My friends, Toni and Rob, are visiting us this week. We booked them an appointment. What date would you like??


    • Thanks! That retractor gave us a heads up as to what we will look like without skin and flesh. Was going to say when we cack, but that’s disgusting.


  1. Glad I relieved myself prior to reading this post. Otherwise, I’d have surely have had an accident. 🙂 You two are inching closer to becoming my nominees for “poster adults” for the way to live life. You have far too much fun!

    Also, I’m glad you opted to not buy the entire technical apparatus as: 1) it wouldn’t likely fit in the RV and; 2) John would probably hit his head on yet more objects.

    Here’s to your collective brilliance!


    • Re: relieving yourself. Good to know. 🙂 Although Heather would have tried to sell you something for weak bladders. We are glad we didn’t buy the entire apparatus too as once we were in the car, we both looked at each others’ teeth and couldn’t see any difference. The adventure continues. Will stop by you blog sometime this weekend for more sound living advice, but am swamped with work, visitors and final Habitat Video.

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  2. I actually laughed out loud, you guys are having a blast……. in the dentist! One of humans most terrifying places to enter. I actually felt a bit bad for your husband, even though the guy was cracking up. That thing in the mouth has to be uncomfortable. Seems that you have to suffer to look pretty.


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