Just be You, UNLESS UR A D#$%HEAD



Why my brother, Spencer, gave me an iPhone…

Spencer: What happened to your phone?

Shelley: I dropped it while making the Habitat video. It was less than a week old too. Sigh.

Spencer: Why don’t you get a new screen?

Shelley: Because replacing the screen costs as much as a new phone. I’m going to wait to buy a new one when I can’t use this one anymore.

Spencer: But you’ll cut yourself.

Shelley: Not if I don’t hold it too close to my cheek. IMG_5415

Why I have a new bed…

Fotor080405328 Shelley: I’ll just nudge this IKEA bed with my hip so I’ll have a little tiny wee bit more room on my side. 2014-06-12 21.09.28

Why I have a new iPod Mini…

2014-08-04 00.36.12 Shelley: Jahhhhhnnnn. I know why my iPod’s stuck on the radio. It’s because while running, I carried it in my hand and the sweat leaked into the inside. Hmmm… I have an awesome idea. You know how people accidently drop their electronics into water, but save them by putting them in a bag of rice?

John: Shelley! No!

Shelley: Too late. There. Now I’ll put it in the bag and wait. (Twenty minutes later) What do you know? It’s playing a song from the play list… And the same song again… and again… No worries. I’ll drop it back into the water and return it to the rice.

John: Shelley! No!

Shelley: Oh. Oh. John! Do you hear those Pssssttt sounds? Look! The rice is flashing different colours. Mini fireworks from the mini iPod. How cute is that?

Like this.

Like this.

Why I should let the customers share their stories first…

Customer: I couldn’t help but overhear you say that you used to be a teacher.

Shelley: Sure was.

Customer: I used to teach too.

Shelley: Is that right? Where?

Customer: Up in the Territories.

Shelley: Wow! My first teaching job was in Flowers Cove, Newfoundland. That’s north, but not as far north as you. I taught Elementary PE and French. I only accepted the French position after the School Board assured me that I would be introducing French to the Elementary Schools.

Customer: Why?

Shelley: I’d only taken Beginner French in University, but I needed a job. Oh my God, I used to make up french words and when the kids would learn the real word, I would explain that french, like english, has many words that mean the same thing. Gotta be fast on your feet, eh? Ha! Ha! What did you teach?

Customer: Immersion French. I spent two years in France perfecting the language.

And last, but not least, why customers, including myself, should always remember to…

IMG_4836 Customer: This bed frame is not heavy because it’s made from some kind of cheap material. Definitely not iron. (Bought the bed anyway)

Customer: I could buy that stuff in Mexico for half the price.


Customer: No way that’s an antique. What’s your best price?

Customer: I have one of those too but I sure didn’t anywhere close to what you’re asking.

Customer: I love your hair. Can I take a picture of it? (Ha! Ha! When a customer wants to take a picture of my hair because she obviously thinks I’m Robin Wright, who am I to burst her bubble?)

Customer: If I did buy that bench, the first thing I would do is change the colour from that awful orange. ( I painted that bench) IMG_4913

Shelley and John



12 thoughts on “Just be You, UNLESS UR A D#$%HEAD

  1. My ancient iPod Touch has a similar screen. Thankfully I don’t have to hold it to my cheek.

    I’d also enjoy seeing the flashing colors of your iPad Mini. (Ohh … it’s not supposed to do that?)

    I’ve blocked my days in retail from memory, and the stupid things that came out of my mouth.

    See? More proof we’re sisters.


    • Amazing that I didn’t cut myself. The trick was to put it on speaker. 🙂 We are definitely sisters if you also had a run on mouth while serving customers.


      • … not just customers. I tend to hear things I’m thinking, and realize I’m HEARING it because my mouth is SAYING it.

        I like to think I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older, but still …. I have a very patient family. (And clients/customers/students are online now, and I have lightening fast “delete” and “backspace” fingers to eliminate the worst of my thoughts. Usually.)


  2. Sorry about your electronics, oh and your bed. Wow, Shelley can be hard on stuff. 😀

    LOL about your job/customers. In addition to pay, they give you blog-fodder. And D#$%HEADs!


    • I am hard on stuff. But honestly, the bed is exactly like our RV bed. So much storage. The cost was ridiculous, so will have to keep on working to pay for it. Upside, as you said, is the blog fodder from the customers! 🙂


    • I am going to buy insurance on my new phone and also a phone case and also the rice thing is a joke. Having said that, should have probably stopped while I was ahead. 🙂


  3. Darn… your phone looks about like me after body surfing my front stairs. I wonder if bagging myself in rice would help. 🙂
    So the customers are still being themselves, huh? I guess in all lines of work we have customers. Sadly today a few of mine were lawyers… And they were being themselves alright. Ha!


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