Which ACTOR Would Play you in the STORY OF YOUR LIFE?


Cathedral Forest, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Cathedral Forest, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Cathedral Forest, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Not Cathedral Forest, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Actually near Comox Lake.

Not Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, but I couldn’t resist including this from the Comox Lake area.

Shelley: Emma, did you know that they filmed a scene from “Star Wars” here in Cathedral Grove?

Matt: Mom, you have to stop telling people that.

Shelley: But it’s true.

Matt: No. Not at all.

Shelley: Pretty sure it is.

Matt: Which scene?

Shelley: The one where they’re chasing everyone through the trees. Bam. Boo Yah!

Matt: OK. They filmed the chase scene from “Return of the Jedi” in the California Redwoods.



Shelley: And for years I’ve been telling people it was filmed here. Cool story though, right Emma?

Emma: Right.

Shelley: Speaking of movies. I actually have an outline for one. Dad dies and…

John: Why do I have to die?

Shelley: Because it’s integral to the plot.

John: I don’t want to die.

Shelley: John, one of us has to die. It can’t be me because I already have the opening scene sorted out.

Opening Scene: Soft, muted light with sad, very sad music. The camera zooms in for a close up of Shelley who is wearing a black, sleeveless, square neckline, classic, think Jackie O, Armani dress that can be worn more than once, which is important because for the kind of cash she put out for that little number, it’s imperative she gets her moneys’ worth. Shelley perches on a bench, weeps inconsolably into her hanky. All alone, except for her memories of the Rv’ing adventures she shared with her dearly departed husband, John.

John: I still don’t want to die.

Matt: Why can’t the movie be about your Rv’ing adventures without dad dying?

John: Yeah, I don’t want to die.

Shelley: Fine. John doesn’t die. I guess the opening scene could show John and I saying good-bye to our colleagues at the American School in Japan but within minutes of us leaving, our friends, Aaron and Julie, throw together a betting pool on how long we stay retired. Hmmm… that might work but I’m not so sure about making yet another road trip movie. How would this one be any different?

Aaron and Julie with their daughter, Allie

Aaron and Julie with their daughter, Allie (Pretty sure they did create a pool.)

Matt: Because it’s about a newly retired couple who’ve never RV’d before.

Shelley: What’s the point?

Matt: The point is how you guys handle your escalating risky adventures until finally you’re caught in one you can’t escape. For example, this winter, when you travel to the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, you end up in a Mexican prison.

Shelley: But that’s not original either. We need a twist. I’ve got it! John could die in a Mexican prison.

John: I don’t want to die in a Mexican prison.

Shelley: John, you really aren’t helping. Ahhh never mind. You can live. The twist is Andrew, Ash, Matt and Emma rush to Mexico in an attempt to rescue us but they end up in jail too. Then mom and dad try to spring us, but they’re also thrown in, until finally, Shenley, as usual, saves the day. Yep. That could work.


Then, in the final scene, I promise John I’ll never force him into doing something he’s not comfortable with ever again, but I turn and wink at the camera.

The end. Ha! Ha!

Right. Matt, you’re the director. John, you’re in charge of promotions. Emma, want to be a co-producer and casting director with me?

Emma: Sure.

Shelley: We need to decide who plays us. Obviously Courtenay Cox will be me.

Matt Damon for Andrew and Beyonce for Ash.

Jason Statham for John.



Emma: Joseph Gordon-Levitt should play Matt.


Matt: Him? But he played Robin. I’m Batman.

Emma: Oh Matt, he’s so loveable. Like you.


Emma and Matt: Mwahhh. Kiss. Kiss.

Emma: I took this online quiz that says Julia Roberts would play me but she’s too old.

Shelley: By far. You need a Scottish actress to play you. I can’t think of one off the top of my head but I have an idea. Maybe…

Matt: I have an idea too. Why don’t we continue to plan the movie over lunch but for now enjoy the Grove?

Shelley: Good idea. Emma, did you know that they filmed the chase scene from “Star Wars” in Cathedral Grove?

IMG_6439 IMG_6457IMG_6461IMG_6464

Shelley and John

Which ACTOR Would Play you in the STORY OF YOUR LIFE? Click on the link below to find out. Let me know your results.



50 thoughts on “Which ACTOR Would Play you in the STORY OF YOUR LIFE?

  1. Cute post, gorgeous setting (and cast!), and a fun link. Huh… Kate Hudson… I wouldn’t have thought of her (but then I couldn’t think of anybody at all). Maybe… since before i became a redhead a few people (with poor eyesight) thought i looked like Goldie Hawn (her mom). Maybe Goldie could play me. LOL that really was fun.
    Huge hugs!


  2. I’m Meryl Streep! “World Traveler and Language Expert, Motherly, At Home in the Kitchen, Intensely Dramatic, Fearless, Romantic, Passionate, Artistic, Wise, Fiercely Intelligent, Kind, Trustworthy, Intimidating” … some of those are quite accurate!

    That was fun.

    And your post, as always, was too. 🙂


  3. Ha,ha, Shelley! This is hilarious. I got Kate Hudson as my star. It says that she is quirky, lovable, immature, kind, flirty and a wild child. Yep. That about describes me. The stars your family got were perfect! They looked so much alike. Kate is a little “blonder” than I am, unless I decide to color my hair. Love the beautiful pics of the woods too. Nice to see you are still having fun out there. 🙂


    • Kate suits you too a T. Although Goldie would have worked too! We did have fun. Pretty quiet in the house now, though. Good thing our younger son’s coming back for a visit. Am thinking you and your hubby are soon to be empty nesters???? 🙂 or 😦 ?


  4. I love you all, but I’m not coming to bail you out of a Mexican prison! I don’t want John to die either! How about subplot where you meet some creepy, or crazy, people while RVing?


  5. Cathedral Grove – I NEED to go there. Gorgeous! Your casting was amazing. I did the quiz and could NOT believe there was a choice for motorcycling in South America – yes!

    I am glad you didn’t make John die. It’s much more entertaining with him alive, although I did love your opening scene. 😉

    And of course, Shenley must come and save the day. Ha. I really hope you don’t get put in a mexican prison. I think you would find it unpleasant.

    I got Zoe Saldana. Not sure I am all the things they said, but certainly do have an adventurous spirit. For years, though, people always told me I looked like Kathleen Turner. I hope they meant in her earlier, sexier years! 🙂

    Sorry for the (novelette) long comment.


    • Hiiiiii!!! I’ve tried to check out your site to see how your trip has been but no luck. Am thinking that you’ve started a new site? You do need to hop on your bikes and visit Cathedral Grove or go see the Redwoods, but you won’t get to hang out with the Smiths in California. 🙂 John gets to live. Sigh. Shenley has to save the day. I got Zoe Saldana too. What do they know?? Actually you do look like Kathleen Turner, and if not, tell me that you do sound like her. Novelette back at you. May have had some wine here.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh Oh, I hope I haven’t disappeared my site in all my designing/screwing around!

        No, it’s still there, Maybe it was the wine. 😀 Go here: http://curvyroads.info/

        Ok, so that shows you how much I know. I thought Cathedral Grove was up in your area. Duh.No, no, I want to hang out with the Smiths so the big trees will have to wait.

        I may sound a little like KT when I am talking sexy – LOL!


      • I’m heading back in and refollowing you. Is that a word?? Just in case. Finished a hard day of work, wink. Best one today? Funny you should ask, this rather large lady lifted her top over her stomach and tatas to wipe the sweat off her face. Right in front of me. Didn’t know where to look!


      • Caveat: I am replying on my phone so no telling where this response will show up. 😉

        Thanks for the refollow (that is absolutely a word, at least in the blogosphere)! I absolutely must have your wise and funny comments on my rare posts.

        Ok, you MUST capture your customer experiences in a book. In this most recent case, without pictures, please!


      • Nice job with the phone response. My techie sons would be proud. I have it in writing that I can continue to be a smart, you know what, when I comment. 🙂 I told my boss about the shirt raiser, she laughed… then I waited a few minutes and did the same thing with my shirt. Got her big time!!!


      • Actually am off to the local newspapers this week to see if they are interested in adding “Honey” to their online paper… Should be fun no matter how it goes! 🙂


  6. This was a fun post! I took the quiz and the answer came out “Meryl Streep”. Good choice as she is one of my favorite actors! Question for you: Is that a photo of you with Ellen Degeneres?? If so…how did that come about??


    • Thanks for reading Meryl. I love her too. Sadly that is not a real photo of us with Ellen. It’s my attempt at photo shopping. When I first started blogging, I decided I should be a guest on her show, so now and then I write her a letter, post it on my blog, and on her site. Can you believe she hasn’t written me back. Sooo rude! 🙂


  7. That was a fun blog post.

    Either Sly Stallone or George Clooney for me.

    Hope you have a terrific Labor Day weekend! Enjoy and have some fun. Sorry I have not been around in a while as I have had some family matters to attend to recently.


    • Aww thanks Sly. Stopped over to your site and was saddened to read about your grandmother. Was sorry to read about your loss, couldn’t help thinking how she impacted you. We grew up all over Canada so never had family close by. You were lucky.


  8. You´re a menace not only to society but first to your family, now trying to kill your own people the closes ones to you, then what are you going to do with the rest of us…..sneaky freaky.

    I know which actor could play the story of my life, Denzel Washington. Might have some problems with regards in our looks and colour of our skin but he´s one of my favourites. And of course Tommy boy as I call him when we talk on the phone. At first it was Mr. Hanks, but Tom said to call him Tommy, I just added the boy thing. He has no problems with it though.


    • Denzel would be awesome! However, I do have a thing for Mr. Hanks!!!

      But the scene of my in that fab dress, we can’t cut John’s dress. 🙂 John just have to Cak and maybe some of you lot might have to fall on the sword too. All in the name of a good read, of course!

      Denzel would be awesome! However, I do have a thing for Mr. Hanks!!! Or as you say, “Tommy!”


  9. I have cast the movie of my life so many times: the most memorable was at a bar with a co-worker. We actually did the side-by-side pics and had back-ups too. We ended up hanging them up in the break room at the office. Not everyone was amused. Though I always pictured someone like Drew Barrymore playing me. Certainly not Daniel Day-Lewis, which is what the quiz told me! Though I do love his acting …


    • What a great idea to hang up those pics. What is wrong with your co-workers. Important to have back ups, just in case Courtenay can’t commit. 🙂 Love Daneil Day Lewis… Las of the Mohicans. Oh My!!! Thanks for dropping by. Off to check out your site.


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