Smith Family Saves Stranded Sea-dooers


My son, Andrew, our last visitor of the summer, returned to Vancouver on Monday.

With less than two weeks to go before we leave the Valley, it’s time to tie up some lose ends. So, today I attempted to meet with the editors of the Comox Valley Newspapers (Comox Valley Record and Comox Valley Echo) to see if they were interested in publishing my blog posts depicting John’s and my travels to the US and Mexico. Unfortunately, one editor was on vacation, and the other was indisposed. Luckily, both receptionists promised to give them my written proposal which included an invitation for them to check out “Honey Did you See That?”

I won’t be too traumatized if they don’t use my blog, because I have a back up plan. Maybe, just maybe, after reading this post, they’ll hire me as a roving travel reporter.

Smith Family Saves Stranded Sea-dooers

Comox Glacier Vancouver Island BC Canada

Comox Glacier Vancouver Island BC Canada

On Friday, August 31st, 2014, at approximately 5:35:20, this Ace Reporter, Shelley Smith, her husband, John, and their son, Andrew, were mere minutes away from fishing on Comox Lake when they were approached by two men on a Sea-doo.

This Ace Reporter, Shelley Smith, “Apparently their two friends had flipped their Sea-doo resulting in them floating in the water for approximately one hour. While we checked on the stranded Sea-dooers, the others went for help.”

“I was particularly keen to throw my fishing line out as I’ve never ever actually caught a fish in my entire twenty-seven years of life. In fact, I’m about 0 for 100,” shared Andrew.


“But when these men requested help, I knew postponing my fishing experience was the right thing to do.”

And do they did. The Smiths raced over to the middle of the lake and in a matter of seconds successfully rescued the Sea-dooers out of the Glacier fed lake


leaving the periscoping Sea-doo floating forlornly behind.


“Those two guys were incredibly lucky we were in the area. After an hour of failed attempts to right their capsized craft, they were exhausted and cold. Who knows how much longer they would have withstood the 21 degree water?” asked John.

Their friend eventually returned with the owner, who tried, and tried to flip the craft upright. But to no avail.


‘Who will help me?” yelled the owner.

“Not I” said Rescued Guy #1. “I’m too cold.”

“Not I” said Rescued Guy #2. “I can’t swim.”

“You can’t swim???” exclaimed this Ace Reporter, Shelley Smith, John and Andrew. “Yet you still rented a Sea-doo in this 130 meter deep freeze of a lake?”

“I can swim if I’m wearing a life-jacket,” retorted Rescued Guy #2. “Anyway, those two are better swimmers than me.”

Despite three men in the water, the See-doo continued to resist.


“We could tell from the shore there was some kind of trouble out there.” said a local who declined to give his name. “So me and my buddy jumped in our boat. The owner thanked us but felt he could handle the situation, so we left him to it.”

Eventually the locals returned to their cabins, the Sea-dooers joined the Smiths for a ride back to the wharf and the owner towed the half sunken See-doo home.



Andrew continues to be 0 for 100.

The three non-swimming Sea-dooers enrolled in swim lessons.

Ace Reporter, Shelley Smith

Well, what do you think?? Wouldn’t I be a fabulous travel reporter?

Shelley and John

32 thoughts on “Smith Family Saves Stranded Sea-dooers

  1. Worthy of front page in the local paper for sure! Could also put you up for a bravery award? My hero’s!! Andrew, maybe fishing just isn’t your bag?!!!!!! 🐝


    • One paper was a “no” the other I’m going to pretend that they want me and am going to tag their paper until they tell me to stop. Andrew, you will get a fish. Next year???? 🙂


  2. Shelley, you would be the perfect fabulous travel reporter!!! Those editors better appreciate what they’ve got under their noses (as they read your proposal). You are so NOT bias, you remain OBJECTIVE and you maintain your composure at all times. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You would be Absolutely Fabulous! As matter of fact, I thought you WERE a roving travel reporter.

    PS: this is my mission in life also. Now all I need is to travel. For now, living vicariously through you. 😀


  4. Your pics are gorgeous. Love the fact that fishing is great in Vancouver. Here in Ontario, unless we go up north, it’s difficult to find a good spawning ground. But, you seem to have found a good one!


    • Thanks Jack. Was actually thinking of you the other day while we were fishing for pinks in the Campbell river. They were beginning to get old and mottled and will eventually have chunks of flesh falling off, not good eating but still fun to catch. The local kids call them…are you ready?? ZOMBIE FISH!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi -I think you would be an excellent travel reporter. I love Rescued Guy #2’s response. “I can swim if I’m wearing a life-jacket.” Why wasn’t he wearing a life jacket?


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    • Well the first dress is fairly simple. I bought three for my other son’s wedding. Will keep in mind the “pop” idea as now that I’ve bleached the dye out of my hair I kind of look like a ghost. Thanks for the tips!!


    • Well the first dress is fairly simple. I bought three for my other son’s wedding. Will keep in mind the “pop” idea as now that I’ve bleached the dye out of my hair I kind of look like a ghost. Thanks for the tips!!


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