Our friend Lynn joined the 2014 Smith Tour for four days. Without a doubt Lynn will take home life long memories of the Cascades,

North Cascade National Park

North Cascade National Park

Winthrop town and its surrounding area,

Winthrop, Washington and surrounding area

Winthrop, Washington and surrounding area

downtown Spokane,

Downtown Spokane, Washington

Spokane, Washington

watching Washington State University Wazoos play the Oregon Ducks, thanks to a former student of Lynn’s, #25 Jamal Morrow of the Washington State Cougars, 

Washington State vs. Oregon

Washington State vs. Oregon


Campground Hostess: Welcome to our campground. Here’s an information sheet for you.

Shelley: Thank you. Looks great.

Campground Hostess: Love your shirt. Good to see people support the cause.

Shelley: Yeah, breast cancer is a crap disease.

Campground Hostess: Sure is. Was diagnosed with it last year.

Lynn: !

Shelley: I’m so sorry to hear that.

Campground Hostess: Told the doctor to take ’em both off. Said, “I didn’t want to take the chance of it spreading.”

Shelley: That makes sense.

Campground: He did leave me a cleavage though. Here. Take a look.


Shelley: There it is.

Campground Hostess: What do you think?

Shelley: That’s a great looking cleavage. Wish I had one like that. Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha! What about you Lynn?

Lynn: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Campground Hostess: But the best bit is that Tom here, he’s my husband, asked my doctor if he could keep both breasts so he could mount them above the doorway. That way, any time Tom walked by he could reach up and give them a squeeze.


Day 11, September 22:2014

As the “Comox Valley Echo” hasn’t responded to my offer for “Honey” to be their blog, I am going to tag them in and beg for forgiveness.

Shelley and John 

40 thoughts on “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hahahahahahaha! Only you would find the one breast cancer survivor whose husband asked to keep her breasts so he could “reach up and give them a squeeze.” Did you ask, did they let him keep them? I don’t think that is scientifically possible without them being in a jar, but still, inquiring minds want to know!!!!!

    PS. The pictures are beautiful, and I LOVE those cowboy boots.


    • So here’s the deal. After that share, everyone laughs, us sort of, then her husband comments, “Doctor wouldn’t do it. No sense of humour. Must have been British.” hahhahhahah John laughed a little at that! Weren’t those boots something? John vetoed them as I actually have a pair. I bought them on a bike ride in the valley. Rode them home. Quite a sight.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol, everything you come up with makes me laugh. You have a gift. Oh and that includes what people tell you. That is a gift too, since you have a blog! 😀

        Yes, I love those boots, and I bet you rocked the ones you bought on your bike ride! I need to seek those out, because I do NOT currently own any cowgirl boots. And the tall riding boots and Frye’s don’t count, because, you know, they’re not cowgirl boots. I guess I am going to have to change my ways if we are ever to successfully live in an RV, huh?


      • Awww thanks! I’m blushing. For real. Every girl should have cowboy boots. Men love them! But the tall riding boots – Motorcycle mama boots!! Yeah! Speaking of RV’s. We keep our eye out for those that are towing motor bikes. You never know.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yay, one day that RV towing bikes will be us! 😀 But if so, I will tell you about it LONG before we happen to see each other on the road. I can’t wait to see your posts and pics about Yellowstone, Tetons, Jackson Hole, etc!


  2. Thank you for the e-mail…I think the wildlife are used to me, it’s the neighbors I spook…, I love your sense of humor and I will have to remember this women’s speech. I am sure I could adapt it my situation as I only lost one in 2013..but I did have a contest to name my prosthetic… Sponge Boob, Vinnie Boobarino, Betty Boob were all winners on Facebook… Michelle


  3. I’m shocked about what perfect strangers will share about themselves within seconds of meeting you! We mustn’t forget the female barber we met at a Walmart! But that story’s a whole other blog! As for me, I couldn’t escape back into the RV fast enough… I think I’m scarred for life from seeing that cleavage! Add to it I’m still recovering from all the rules…. Plug in, turn on, turn off, unplug…. Pump on, add water, flush, pump off…. “I’m thinking of something in my head” 20 questions game of things related to the trip really meaning things already experienced on the trip…. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!
    The trip was a blast, with fabulous hosts! I hope to join again sometime for another Smith journey!


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