Want to See my Rack?

Grand Teton National Park, Utah

Grand Teton National Park, Utah

While staying at Gros Ventre Campground, Wyoming, located just south of Grand Teton National Park,  we were super stoked to find a bull and cow moose in our midst. Being mating season and all, we grabbed our camera, sat back and waited for the action.

First hour, nothing happened. They barely twitched, didn’t even grunt at each other. Absolutely nothing.

Second hour? You guessed it, nothing. And then I realized something. They didn’t need to verbally communicate. Their eyes said it all. Here’s what they were “saying” to each other.

Bull Moose: Hey honey! I’m horny. Get it? (John’s one and only contribution to this post!)


Cow Moose:….


Bull Moose: I was going to go with, “Would you like to see my rack?” but thought that was too pointed. Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Cow Moose:(Same pose as above)

Bull Moose: Honey?

Cow Moose:… (Same pose as above)

Bull Moose: Look. I know you’re mad at me because I came back from the river so late last night, but you’ve got to believe me when I say that nothing happened with Carmalita. I don’t fancy her. She’s a cow. Cow. Get it? Heh! Heh! Heh!



Cow Moose:… (Same pose as above)

Bull Moose: She’s married with a child, for God’s sake. Even if I did fancy her, there’s no way in Hell that I’d act on it as I’m super afraid of Krueger. He out weighs me by 50 kilos and his antlers. Whhhooooheeee!  Would never want him mad at me. Not a chance.



Cow Moose:(Same pose as above)

Bull Moose: And you. Yes indeed, You I am definitely afraid of. Wait. That didn’t come out right. I love you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

Cow Moose: (Yep, she hasn’t moved)

Bull Moose: You do know what season this is, don’t you?

Cow Moose:... (Still hasn’t moved)

Bull Moose: It’s “Baby Making Season.” That’s what it is. But no, oh no, not for this healthy young 18 point buck. No sirreee, not for me. For me, it’s “Shut Him Down Season.” Is that what you want? Is it? Because if that’s what you want, it’s fine by me. Fine.

Cow Moose: (In case you’ve forgotten)


Bull Moose: Baby? Baby? You have to listen to me. I have needs.




Cow Moose:… (Same pose as above)

Bull Moose: Is it because of these people watching us? Is that it? Is that’s what’s putting you off? That’s it, isn’t it? Say the word. Just say the word and I will scare those wanna be National Geographic photographers so bad, they’d wish they never taken their cameras out.

Cow Moose:… (Same pose as above)

Bull Moose:

Cow Moose:… (Same pose as above)

Bull Moose: I can’t take it anymore. I’m out of here. Gone. Do you hear me? This is your last chance to say something. Anything.


Cow Moose:… (Same pose as above)

Bull Moose: Sigh. Or not. Baby, please. Please talk to me. I’m miserable. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can’t concentrate. You’re driving me crazy. I love you. Only you. Please baby. Please talk to me. You know you want to. Baby?

Cow Moose:… (Same pose as above)

Bull Moose:…

Cow Moose: … (Same pose as above)

After a couple of hours, John and I decided to give those two time and space to work things out so we drove into Jackson Hole,

Jackson Hole, Wyaoing

Jackson Hole, Wyaoing

and Salt Lake City….

Salt Lake City, Utah

Temple Square at Salt Lake City, and specials from a bar in Salt Lake City, Utah

Ha! Ha! I kid. Salt Lake City would have taken us over six hours to drive there, but I wanted to include the photos. While in Salt Lake City, thanks to Natalee at Planet Fitness, we enjoyed her free guest pass work out. Guess who was working there?

Remember Jackson from “The Biggest Loser” on Season 14? Click here to check out his blog site.

Me, Natalee and Jackson

Me, Natalee and  the after Jackson

Eventually we returned to…

Cow Moose: And one more thing…

Bull Moose:..4 pic

Day 25, Oct. 04:2014

“Comox Valley Echo” roving travel reporters, Shelley and John, signing out.

Stay tuned for our next report from Zion National Park, Utah.

33 thoughts on “Want to See my Rack?

  1. Whooh, for a minute, I thought you’d met relatives of the Carlton couple! Apparently not since no one was interested in the rack!


    • Ha! Ha! You are too clever. I was going to put in one of his lines that he felt ill and we should take advantage of the opportunity as he couldn’t guarantee how healthy he would be in the future.


  2. After seeing your titillating title, I thought for sure it would be a spice rack! You never cease to amaze me… fantastic rack pics! (p.s. I’m with The Regular Guy NYC)


      • Home now so posts will be coming. Have to work on my traveling blogging platform for retirement. The 10″ netbook didn’t cut it. Oh and we stopped and looked at RVs on the trip!


      • Dang. Am rewriting this as the internet is on and off. Remember that when you truly hit the road. I prefer a computer to John’s iPad. Too small. What is your latest choice for an RV????

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, internet access was an issue, at one point, we were in a place with no internet or WiFi, and no cell service!! Ha, that was a first for us lately. Yes, I think I must have a laptop, because a tablet will be more useable than our old netbook, but still small and no USB ports? Right? Will try to email you to see what your picture loading process is. That seems to be what takes me the most time. Oh and RV choice? Ha, right now, we just think driveable (not 5th wheel) and are totally up in the air about length at this point….too many choices!


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