I Can’t Make any Promises but…

Snow Canyon, Utah

Top of the volcano in Snow Canyon, Utah

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Big Ass spider, Red Rocks, Nevada

Big Ass spider, Red Rocks, Nevada


We interrupt “The Smith 2014-15 Tour” for a week back in Canada to pack up our townhouse. That’s right people, the townhouse has been sold!


Day 1, 5:00 A.M…
Ratchet. Ratchet. Ratchet. Thunk! Ratchet. Ratchet. Ratchet. Thunk!

Shelley: Mmmmphhhh! Hey! John! What are you doing?

John: Taking apart the bed. We pick up the U-Haul at 9:00.

Shelley: But I was sleeping in it.

John: The early bird catches the worm. Up. Up. Up.

 9:00 A.M…

Shelley: Do you want sandwiches for lunch?

John: Sure. Sure.

Shelley: What kind?

John: Whatever you make is fine.

Shelley: Hmmm… we could have peanut butter and jam or chicken and tomato or…

John: Yeah.

Shelley: Yeah? Yeah to peanut butter and jam or yeah to chicken and tomoto?

John: Jesus Christ Shelley! Why are you dragging your feet? We’re on a schedule here.

10:00 A.M….


Shelley: Here’s your tea.

John: Tea? Tea??? Shelley! What are you thinking? No. No. No. No tea. Dan! Chris! Give me those. You can’t have a break when you haven’t even started packing the truck. Upstairs. Double time. Hut. Hut. Hut.

11:00 A.M…


John: Dan, when we’re done with the table, take this box and this box and this box to the truck. Chris, grab that fan, those lamps and whatever else is loose and throw it all in the back.


Shelley: Ahhhhhh John. Do you think it’s OK to throw things? Shouldn’t I box them first so they don’t break?

John: We’re out of boxes.

Shelley: I’ll get more.

John: No time. Get in the truck boys. In. In. In.

1:00 P.M…

Becky (Our Realtor): Turn to page five, look at clause number ten.

John: Yep. Yep. Yep.

Shelley gives John the “Evil Eye.”

Becky: Sorry this is taking so long but I think it’s important to go through every clause so you understand what you’re signing.

Shelley: No problem. Right John?

John: Yep. Yep. Yep.

John checks to see how many pages are left.

Becky: What this clause means is… uh John? Should I wait for you?

John: No. No. You go ahead. Shelley can fill me in. I need to check and see why I can’t hear Chris and Dan packing. Wait a second. What’s going on here? I’m not paying you to go to the bathroom.

 2:00 P.M…..

Shelley: Have you seen my jeans?

John: ….

Shelley: You packed them, didn’t you?

John: What makes you say that?

Shelley: Oh my God! We have five days to pack out. Why are you rushing everything?

John: I’m not.

Shelley: You wouldn’t even let me finish my tea this morning.

John: It was cold. You don’t like cold tea.

Shelley: That’s not the point. You rushed me.

John: Because I need to check things off my “to do” list.

Shelley: You need to slow down.

John: OK. OK.

Shelley: Did you just look at your watch?

John: No?

Shelley: For once can’t you enjoy the moment?

John: If I did that, we’d never get anything done. Besides I want to be back in Vancouver by Monday so we can visit with the kids.

Shelley: Ahhhhh. Forget it. Just promise me one thing.

John: What?

Shelley: That if and when, God forbid, the time comes, you wait at least forty- eight hours, that’s two days, before you pull the plug.

John: I can’t make any promises, as it depends on what my “to do” list looks like, but I’ll do my best.

Day 5, Vancouver…

My daughter-in-law, Ash, in Vancouver, day 6

My daughter-in-law, Ash,giving us the tour at CTV,  in Vancouver

My son, Andrew, playing football in Vancouver on Day 5

My son, Andrew, playing football in Vancouver

Stanley Park, Vancouver

Stanley Park, Vancouver


Shelley and John, your volunteer travel reporters for “The Comox Valley Echo”

Day 58, Nov. 6:2014

Stay tuned for more adventures in Nevada, Arizona and California.

19 thoughts on “I Can’t Make any Promises but…

  1. Such a wonderful mix of photos and commentary. (I’m glad the Big Ass spider was “live” on your end and NOT mine, though.)

    Your play-by-play of your move was hilarious, and I hope your time in Vancouver with son and daughter-in-law was relaxing!


    • Thanks Cindi. I was going to put my foot by it, but John vetoed that idea. I am thinking it was a tarantula. Don’t want to check it out because it will ruin my story! 🙂 Was awesome being with the kids. Like a stolen moment.


  2. Congrats on the sale! I have to tell you we laughed at loud about the “What kind of sandwich?” questions. My husband’s exact words were … “Oh my God, it’s not just you. Poor guy.” Apparently I’ve been known to ask too many of the same kind of questions. Next time perhaps I’ll serve him something like liverwurst and mustard without asking… just to save time of course. 😉 Are you guys back in the states now?


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