My Name is Comox Valley and I’m From Shelley

La Paz, Baja, Surcalifornia, Mexico

La Paz, Baja, Surcalifornia, Mexico

Shelley: Can you believe how that guy from two sites down spoke to his wife? I would have punted him into the sea. And Chris from California? When he said,

“I can tell you where the best beaches are on the Baja, but I’ll have to kill you.”

Even after twenty minutes of listening to him go on and on about Mexican politics, he still didn’t share. What a jerk. What a tool.  What a smug A@@#$%^.”


Shelley: Wait till he finds out his wife already told us. Ha! Ha!


Shelley: What about this morning? I was pretty choked when the lady told us all the whale shark snorkelling trips were booked for days. Lucky for us she said we could drive to the point. Too bad it’s a terrible road. But we’re saving ourselves $50 so kayaking for free will be well worth it. Right?


Shelley: John?


Shelley: What’s wrong with you?

John:  We’re on the wrong road. It’s supposed to be paved the entire way.

Shelley: Even if it’s the wrong road, eventually we’ll intersect. It’s an adventure.


Shelley: Now what’s wrong?

John: I don’t like putting the truck through all this sand.


Shelley: It’s a truck for God’s sake. That’s what it’s meant to do. Couldn’t you put it in 4 wheel drive?

John: I guess.

Shelley: I might actually swim with the whale sharks. How about you?

Loreto Baja, California

Loreto Baja, California

John: Definitely, but I’m willing to bet thousands of dollars that you won’t be getting in the Sea of Cortez.

Shelley: Hmmphhh. I’ve snorkelled.




Thanks John for plucking that scallop from the sea.

Thanks  Snorkelling John for plucking this yummy scallop from the sea.

John: Walking around the ocean with your head under water is not snorkelling. You looked like Prince Charles inspecting plants.

Shelley: Not true. Just before we climbed back into the kayaks, I kicked four times despite the fact I was shivering so badly I could hardly keep my snorkel in my mouth. Ha! Ha!


Shelley: Ha? Oh Jesus, now what?

John: There’s no one on this road but us. We’re setting ourselves up to be robbed by gun point.

Shelley: If they do try to rob us, I’ll charm them with my espanol.

John: Oh right. Like yesterday when you told the cashier, “Hi, I’m from Shelley. My name is Comox Valley.”

Shelley: I was flustered. He asked me how I was before I had a chance to ask him. My “How to Speak Spanish DVD” has me go first.

John:  You know they have guns here. Dear God, I don’t want to die.

Shelley: That’s it. Turn around. This adventure is officially over.

John: Never mind. I’ll keep going. Maybe they won’t kill us if we hand everything over without a fight.

Shelley: Gawwwwd. I’m so freakin’ mad at myself. I let this happen every time you go all paranoid. Once again, I allowed you to ruin my day. Turn around.

John: I can’t help it if I always think, “Safety first.”

Shelley: Shhhh!

John: But I…

Shelley: No talking. Turn around.

John: I’m sorry. It’s just that…

Shelley: Don’t care. Turn around.

John: I’m really sorry.

Shelley: Whatever. Turn around.

John: I’m so sorry that I’ll cook supper tonight. Thai food.


John: And buy you chocolate.


John: I’ll drive all over Las Paz to find you Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

Shelley: Keep going.

John: And find a way to download HGTV even if it takes me all night.

Shelley: And?

John: And a foot massage.

Shelley: Will you say, “Cup and saucer” in Spanish?

John: No.You’ll take the piss.

Shelley: Then forget it. Turn around.

John: Una tatha y uno platito.


John: Una tatha y uno platito.

Shelley: Ha! Again.

John: Una tatha y uno platito.

Shelley: Ha! Ha Ha! John! Look! Whale shark boats!

Swimming with the whale sharks, Las Paz, Baja, Mexico

Swimming with the whale sharks, Las Paz, Baja, Mexico

A whale shark is swimming under my boat.

A whale shark is swimming under my kayak.

whale shark

Kayaking and swimming with whale sharks in Las Paz, Baja, Surcalifornia, Mexico

He was this big!

Donating a few school supplies in El Triunfo, Baja, California

Donating a few school supplies in El Triunfo, Baja, California

IMG_9840Jan. 9:2015, 120 days on the roadShelley and John,  your volunteer travel reporters for the “The Comox Valley Echo” signing off from La Paz, Baja, California. Stay tuned for Los Barrailes.”





31 thoughts on “My Name is Comox Valley and I’m From Shelley

    • Holy crappola! You need to jump on a plane. We just walked the beach here in Los Barrailes. A grey whale just surfaced, jumping bat rays. Off to get into the kayaks before the winds pick up.


    • Terrible! In my defence, that water is still cold with a shorty. I was a wee bit porquito scared to do much but yell, “It’s swimming under me.” What a crazy experience. Good thing they don’t eat people. Right? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You guys scare the begeebbers out of me!!!! Whale sharks, bandits and sand trails and you still have fun!!!!!!! Love you, take care please? XXXXX


    • Ha! Ha! Somehow after reading half of “Atonement Tennessee” I doubt it. Can’t believe your heroine is still sleeping in that house. Hogley Pogley??? Funny, I don’t remember that store down there, but I do remember Wiggly Piggly. Also, so far one of your best lines of the book was when the cat did the prudent thing and hid under the bed. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you Shelley!!! Since most of my life was spent there, i use real southernisms when i can. As a girl my dad used to embarrass me by calling the Piggly Wiggly grocery store the “Hogly Wogly”… so i had to do something with it. Mega-hugs. 😀


    • Thanks. These beaches are pretty amazing. Now that the wind has dropped we’ve kayaked every day. I can’t say that I’ve snorkelled again but am hoping too once I find a full wet suit to rent. Soooooo cold.


  2. It looks like you are having a terrible time with awful weather. And what is with this “Safety 1st” nonsense? Be like me…”Safety Third!” and your motto when taking those unpaved roads should be “It seemed like a good idea at the time!”. Enjoy your trip!

    Liked by 1 person

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