You tell Her

Shasta  Dam, Redding, California

Shasta Dam, Redding, California


Shasta River bike trail, voted as seventh best biking trail in the US

Shasta River bike trail, voted as seventh best biking trail in the US, all 57km’s of it

Can you tell that John is clueless about the length of Shasta River Bike trail. Why you shouldn't blindly pass the map to your wife. :)

Can you tell that John is clueless about the length of Shasta River Bike trail? Why you shouldn’t blindly pass the map to your wife. 🙂

Ring! Ring!

John: Here we go.

Shelley: John, you tell her that we’ve only had Priscilla (Our Tom Tom, GPS device) for less than a year before she died on us.

Ring! Ring!

Shelley: You tell her that despite us being incredibly careful with the cord, she refuses to charge.

Ring! Ring!

Tom Tom Services: Hello. Welcome to Tom Tom GPS services. For security and training purposes your call may be recorded.

Shelley: (Whispering) You tell her that it’s unacceptable. We won’t stand for it.

Tanya: My name is Tanya. How can I help you?

John: Hello, My name is John. I’m calling about my Tom Tom. It doesn’t work.

Shelley: (Whispering) You tell her that she can help us by giving us a brand new Tom Tom.

Tanya: What exactly is wrong with your Tom Tom device? Do you…. d..yo…?

John: Hello. Can you hear me? Hello? Sorry what did you say? Hello? Ahhhh we lost the connection.

Shelley: You’re kidding? It’s not like we don’t have enough stress in our life such as navigating Highway I5 from Southern California

Pismo Beach, California

Pismo Beach, California

Mt. Shasta, California

Mt. Shasta, California

to the wet,


Yep, mixture of hail and sleet

Yep, mixture of hail and sleet

of the Pacific North West,

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

without our Tom Tom, while dealing with the pressure of searching online for a home before family and guests show up for Matt and Emma’s wedding.

Wedding preparation

Wedding preparation

Oh my God. John! It’s official.




We’re “Trailer Trash.”

Ring! Ring!

John: Here we go.

Shelley: Honey, you tell her that we need this taken care of. No ifs ands or buts. We need a working GPS before we attempt Seattle. Seattle drivers are crazy. Crazier than Florida drivers. You tell her.

Tom Tom Services: Hello. Welcome to Tom Tom services. For security and training purposes your call may be recorded. My name is Tanya. How can I help you?

John: Hello, It’s John here. I think we were cut off. I’m calling you because my Tom Tom isn’t working.

Tanya: Hopefully I can help you. Please connect your device to your computer.

John: Doing that righhhht now. No. Nothing.

Tanya: Have you tried holding the button for 20 seconds then releasing it?

John: I did. No luck.

Tanya: When did you purchase the device?

John: I’m not exactly sure.

Tanya: Not a problem. If you look on the side of the box, you’ll find that information.

John: I’m sorry. We don’t have the box. We’re travelling in a RV and don’t have space for empty boxes.

Tanya: Ok, I understand. Let’s try this. Can you give me the numbers and letters written under the bar code?

John: gegj4589

Tanya: gegj4589?

John: Correct.

Tanya: Sir, according to my information, you activated the life long maps on March 20, 2014. Does that sound right?

John: Yes.

Tanya: Well then, I have some great news for you sir. Your Tom Tom has a one year warranty, which means we will replace your Tom Tom free of charge.

John: Wow! That is great news.

Tanya: All  you need to do is send us your Tom Tom with the original receipt. As soon as we receive the GPS device we’ll send you a brand new one.

John: That’s great except we don’t have the receipt. It’s in storage in the Comox Valley.



Shelley: (Whispers) You tell her that no one keeps a receipt, never mind the box of a purchase for over a year. That’s crazy. Who does that?

Tanya: Sir, if you don’t mind, I’m going to talk to my supervisor to see how we can help you. Do you mind me putting you on hold for a few minutes?

John: Not at all.

Shelley: (Whispers) Here we freakin’ go. I knew there wasn’t any point calling. You tell her if she can’t help us, I’m going to lose my S#$T! You tell her that.

Tanya: Hello sir. I have some news for you.

Shelley: (Whispers) You tell her we should have saved ourselves this phone call and bought a new one today. Another $150 down the drain. Apparently we are made of money.

Tanya: Sir?

John: Yes?

Shelley: (Whispers) Changed my mind. You tell her that we’re not going to accept “no” for an answer. You tell her…

Tanya: My supervisor says, for this one time only, if you send your device to us, we’ll replace it.

Shelley: You tell her… you tell her… ahhh… you tell her, “Thank you.”

Pacific Dunes, Pismo Beach, California, $16 with RPI Membership

Pacific Dunes, Pismo Beach, California, $16 with RPI Membership

Morgan Hill, California, $!2 full hookup, with RPI membership

Morgan Hill, California, $!2 full hookup, with RPI membership

Mayfield Lake, Washington, $10 full hook up with RPI membership

Mayfield Lake, Washington, $10 full hook up with RPI membership

Seven Feathers Casino , Canyonville, Oregon, Free

Seven Feathers Casino , Canyonville, Oregon, Free

Day 198, April 1/2015

John and Shelley, The Comox Valley Echo volunteer travel reporters, who the editor knows nothing about, signing off from the I5 just south of Seattle. Wish us luck!!!

35 thoughts on “You tell Her

    • This… picture me drawing circles with the palm of my hand in front of my face… needs a lot of prep. Don’t come easy at my age! 🙂 Only three months to go before their wedding.


  1. OMG Shelley! What if Tanya would’ve heard you? She might’ve told John where to stuff the Tom Tom! You crack me up! I think the only thing wrong with the Tom Tom is that it recognizes you’re about to cross back into Canada and the adventures & GPS services are done until fall! Diagnosis, a heartbroken & depressed GPS a unit!


  2. Hi Shelley,
    Hm, that bike trail looks inviting. Whenever I’ll be in a better shape. But I think I’m getting to it. And whenever I’ll make it to California. Just now, my wife and I are planning to drive up to WV in August for our wedding anniversary, to ride our bicycles there, and also on the way up and on the way down to come closer to my wife’s goal of riding at least 10 miles in all the the states.
    Have a great time in California,


      • Hi Shelley,
        That goal actually started as my wife’s, and she has the goods on me since she had already started before we married, and so I’ll never catch up with her as we now do our rides together. This summer we might be able to add up to 12 more states as we’re planning to drive up to WV and spend our anniversary there.
        Happy Easter,


    • Pismo Beach goes on and on and on. People do camp on it, but we’re a little timid about doing that as we’ve seen so many having to be hauled out by a tow truck and they charge gazillions to do it. Vancouver has held off raining since we arrived. A gentle re-entry back to Canada. Now to find a house. As for the bike ride, my you know what is still killing me! 🙂


  3. So happy that Tanya agreed to take care of Priscilla without Shelley having to lose her S#$T! 🙂

    PS: I love hearing about these memberships that get you such great nightly rates! Can you share how you chose RPI?

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be honest, we were both heated up before the phone call as we had visited Wal-mart and tried to get the poor living dead who worked there to help us. There are quite a few different memberships out there; RPI, RPI preferred, Coast to Coast, to name a few. With RPI you buy a membership to a home park, (Make sure it’s a life time one). Ours is in Minnesota. Every year you pay a yearly fee. Then, you buy into the ability to visit other parks. Much like a timeshare. Every year you pay a membership fee for that too. For parks that are RPI, you pay as little as $10 per night. Some parks may charge more. Some parks are not RPI but will give you a discount with your RPI card. We are also members of Good Sam which usually gives you a 10% discount off the street. We bought ours second hand from a woman who advertised off the internet. I believe our first year, we paid about $750. Ours was so cheap because Minnesota never dreamed we would show up. Boy, were they surprised.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay… WordPress what’s going on? I’m way miffed that you didn’t email me Shelley’s post. And you’ve been dropping me from my Follows right and left…
    Shelley, you make me smile, as always! Love the photo of you at the beach “welcoming” the sun. Huge hugs!


  5. We call our GPS Nora (as in Nora the navigator). Glad they replaced Priscilla for you. Love the pictures, even the cold, rainy ones. 🙂 Seeing these makes me wish I could quit my job, buy an RV and go! Someday!


  6. Hi Shelley awesome post as always… You crack me up… WITH the lemon on teeth is with whitening purposes… Woefully I smoke and I am always trying to get my teeth as white as I can wink 😉 so any tip is welcome… Sending best wishes! Aquileana 😀


    • Ha! Ha! Well Shelley the dentist actually had a mouth guard on with foaming peroxide and baking soda. It’s gross but may be working??? Good luck and thanks as always for dropping by.


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