I May or May not Have Flashed your Gardener

Comox Lake, Vancouver Island, BC, April 20

Comox Lake, Vancouver Island, BC, April 20

View from our campsite at the Rod and Gun Club, $10 per night, with Rod and Gun Club Membership, dry camping

Comox Lake Rod and Gun Club, Vancouver Island, BC

Not even a nibble

Not even a nibble

View from our campsite at the Rod and Gun Club, $10 per night, with Rod and Gun Club Membership, dry camping

View of Comox Lake from our campsite, $10 per night, with Rod and Gun Club Membership, dry camping

Dear Shenley and Marina,

Before I update you on what’s happening since John and I returned to Comox Valley, I want to say,

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” for allowing us to house sit your beautiful home while you tour Spain. When we first walked through your front door, John and I agreed that we would only live in your kitchen, TV room and downstairs bathroom but then I remembered that you guys had bathtubs.

With seven months on the road showering, the temptation was too great.

Dan’s bathtub is lovely, (By the way, awesome job on those tiles. How did you install that insert?)


and the sky light is really something. But your bathroom takes the spa experience to another level. It is absolutely stunning. Your tub is so humongous I can actually float in it. And that window with the afternoon light streaming in as I sip my John delivered wine while flipping through your stack of Home design magazines?


Now it’s not like I spend all of my time floating around your tub and phoning John for refills, we’ve been training for Vancouver’s BMO half marathon and The Kusam Climb. Last weekend John and I ran a 15km road race in Merville. Despite the fact that it had been snowing on Mt. Washington and Sayward the previous night, I made the call to run in a t-shirt and shorts. Boy oh boy do you ever run fast when you’re freezing. But don’t worry, feeling in my body was restored once I submerged myself in your bathtub with a “Cougar Town” size glass of wine.

As you know, we’ve been extremely busy house hunting. Trying to choose the perfect home from hundreds and hundreds of different styles and prices has been incredibly overwhelming.

At 1,990.00 a we bit over budget.

This one’s too big and at $1,990,000 too expensive

This one's too small.

This one’s too small.

We think we’ve found one that’s just right, but I don’t want to send you a picture in case it jinxes everything. Having said that, here’s a picture of the street. I took this photo during one of my drive bys.


Sadly John has vetoed additional drive bys because he’s afraid the owner might report me as a stalker despite me mixing up the vehicles, and disguising my identity.

For example

For example

That basically sums up what’s been happening with us. We sure are enjoying living vicariously through your travels of southern Spain. Keep those pictures coming.

Your loving sister, and brother-in-law,

Shelley and John oxoxox

PS: Don’t worry about your house, we are the perfect house guests.

PPS: I may or may not have flashed your gardener. Not my fault, I forgot my towel, and John refused to answer his phone.

PPSS: What’s this?


PPPSS: Does the dryer always make the weird clanging noise?

23 thoughts on “I May or May not Have Flashed your Gardener

  1. What a great way to start my day…….I was missing your blogs Shelley. You lucked out staying at Marina and Shenley’s super home but after your long road trip, why not enjoy a little luxury? X


  2. I want that bathtub too! Spencer, who doesn’t know me, wouldn’t mind if I joined you & John, not in the bathtub, for a mini vacation, right?!!!! I say keep stalking the prospective house, I think it shows how truly interested you are in the property! Just tell John you’re going to the store! LOL!


    • You already freakin’ have one and a hot tub and an awesome house. 🙂 Mom and dad showed up. We did a drive by as no way the owner would recognize the house. 🙂


  3. Haha, I have been waiting for something to crack me up! Of course it’s not your fault! I did the same thing the first night visiting our friend here in San Antonio…who knew the the guest bath lined up perfectly with the office windows (with no window coverings), and the next door neighbor’s car port????

    Fingers crossed for the house on the street with the awesome blooming trees! And your pictures are lovely as always! I am mute on our trip on my blog due to a technical difficulty with the WP app, my tablet and any and all pictures. So sad!


  4. I could SO relate to your house hunting drive bys! My husband and I were looking for a house and sometimes we’d just drive slowly around neighborhoods we liked hoping and praying to see a for sale sign. I KNOW people thought…what are these crazies doing?!

    Love your blog!


    • I knew we weren’t the only stalkers out there. 🙂 There’s a Scotia Bank commercial with a couple sitting in their car gazing longingly at their new home. Every time we see it, we laugh. Thanks for the love. Off to check out yours.


  5. Shelley, even though you’ve left “the road” you’re still full of adventure!
    That drive by looks like a charming neighborhood. I hope that works out for you.
    And the views from that campsite are purely majestic! Wishing you a marvelous Monday. Hugs. 😀


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