I’m the Funny One

The renovations continue…

New roof

New roof

Look up, wayyy up. There's a hole in our roof where the chimney used to be.

Look up, wayyy up. That hole in our roof was our chimney

John heading downstairs

John heading downstairs

Matt on the last piece of hardwood from the living room.

Matt on the last piece of hardwood from the living room.

Andrew, resting after tearing out the steps.

Andrew, after tearing out the steps.

Thanks again Shenley.

New steps, thanks Shenley, again.

Rick, our dry waller

Rick, our dry waller

We interrupt this reno for a trip to Sayward, Vancouver Island…

Complete the Kusam Klimb 23 KM race

Completing the 23 km Kusam Klimb race for the second year in a row.

Hang out with our sons, Andrew and Matt

Hanging out with our sons, Andrew and Matt

Showing Matt who's still the boss

Showing Matt who’s still the boss

My 28 year old son, Andrew: (Rapping) Well, I’m in the motor home with my mom and dad. Just – the – three of us, perfection is had.

2015-06-19 20.39.09

Shelley: Ha! Ha! Ha!

My 30 year old son, Matt: Andrew, you’re such a D$%^!

Andrew: (Continues to rap) Well, you have to understand that Matthew thinks he’s funny. But I’m the funny one according to Shenley (My brother.)

Matt: Shenley? Shenley? What does he know about funny? I’m the funny one.

Shelley: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Andrew: No, I’m the funny one.

Matt: No.

Andrew: Yes.

Matt: No!

Andrew: Yes!

Matt and Andrew: Mom!!! Who’s the funny one?

Shelley: You’re both funny.

Andrew: (Continues to rap) Well, it’s so obvious, can’t you see? Matt Smith is not as funny as me.

Matt: That’s not what mom said.

Andrew: She did too.

Matt: She did not.

Andrew: Admit it. I’m funnier than you.

Matt: You’re not funny.

Andrew: There. Now that’s funny.

Matt: Did you??? Did you?? Did you just put my phone down your pants?

Andrew: No. Of course I didn’t.

Matt: I watched you do it.

Andrew: Nooo. I wouldn’t do that.

Matt: You did too.

Andrew: No. What I did was pretend to put it down my pants.

Matt: I watched you put it down your pants. You know what? There.

Andrew: Did you??? Did you?? Did you just put my favourite hat in the whole wide world down your pants?

Matt: You deserved that Andrew.

Andrew: I’m going to bed.

Matt: I didn’t put your hat down my pants.

Andrew: Yes you did. Now look what you’ve done. You’ve gone and ruined our Smith family summer solstice tradition of jumping in the 8 degree ocean at 10:00 at night.

Matt: What summer solstice tradition? We don’t have a summer solstice tradition.

Andrew: Not now we don’t. All because of you. I’m going to brush my teeth.

Matt: Mom?

Shelley: Matthew.

Matt: Ahhhh. Andrew I’ll do it. I’ll freeze my b@&&s off so the Smiths can have a summer solstice tradition.

Andrew: No. I don’t want to do it now.

Matt: Come on Andrew. Let’s do it. We’ll jump into the water together.

Andrew: No.

Matt: We’ll get mom and dad to film it.

Andrew: No.

Matt: Mom and dad will go with us.

Andrew: No.

John: I already went in today.

Shelley: Me too.

Sort of

Sort of

Andrew: I’m not interested any more.

Matt: I’ll go first.

Andrew: I doubt that.

Matt: Come on. You know you want to.

Andrew: No.

Matt: Honest to God, I didn’t put your hat down my pants.

Andrew: I don’t care anymore.

Matt: I’ll buy you a new hat.

Andrew: You can never replace it. Ever.



Matt: Fine. You’re the funny one.

Watch below for the first Smith Family Ocean Swim during Summer Solstice.


Mom and dad helping out

Back to the reno with mom and dad helping out

It's the corners that kill you.

It’s the corners that kill you.

And once again, thanks for dropping by. With renovating 12 hours plus a day and wedding guests starting to show, I’m going to have to ask for patience for getting back to you.

Shelley and John

28 thoughts on “I’m the Funny One

  1. Iit was as if I was in the RV hearing their voices live! Gotta love close quarters! Thank goodness for the women in their lives!


  2. No wonder why you look so good; Congratulations on completing that 23km race, I’m impressed! 🙂 Thank you for all the laughs, hope all went well. 🙂


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