Every Now and Then Even a Blind Chicken Finds a Kernel of Corn or Something like That


Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island, BC

Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island, BC

Bald headed eagle, Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island

Bald headed eagle, Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island

I’m not going to lie. As I write my first post since August, I’m a bundle of nerves:

Elevated heart rate? Check.

Palm and armpit sweats, especially the left one (What is up with that?)? Check.

Inability to concentrate for long periods of time? Check.

Restless sleep? Check.

Inability to finish thoughts and sentences? (Although arguably normal) Check.

Yep, I am ridiculously nervous. More than the nervousness I experienced while tiling our main bathroom. At 3.5 tiles per hour for a grand total of 132 tiles, you can appreciate my thinking I might expire before the last tile was set.


Enough said.

Main bathroom before

Main bathroom before


And after

Maybe not as nervous as when John, Andrew and I kayaked at Telegraph Cove with the Killer Whales.

First this,

then a little bit closer now.

Killer whales, Telegraph Cove, North Vancouver Island

Killer whales, Telegraph Cove, North Vancouver Island

Killer whale cruising by my kayak, Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island

Killer whale cruising by my kayak, Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island.


But my heightened state of nerves is definitely up there. All because a few nights ago I realized how much I was missing blogging. So, I decided to open up my comments section and lo and behold here was this comment.

Hi Shelley!

I’m a freelance writer for The Globe and Mail and I’m working on a series profiling Canadian snowbirds. I’d love to profile you and John for the series.

Thanks! Shelley 


So, I share with John. He starts laughing. Says trying to get the local newspapers to include my blog was obviously the wrong strategy. Obviously, I should have swung for the stars from the very beginning.

So, I call my son Andrew. His response, “Ma, is this Shelley person legit?”

Here's a pic of Andrew, our 28 year old son with his first fish caught on the Campbell River.

Here’s Andrew, our 28 year old son, with his first fish ever caught on the Campbell River. We ate that sucker that night.

Damn it. I didn’t think of checking Shelley White out. I do. She’s legit.

So, I write her back.

Hi there Shelley.

John and I would love to be part of your series. Good thing I checked the comments as I was having a little time off, (well, more like an extended three month vacation) and decided that there must be more to life than renovations, like writing my blog. I look forward to hearing more from you.

So, Shelley responds with…

Great to hear from you! And great that you are interested in taking part in the story. 
My editor would like to send a freelance photographer to catch you on the road down south – have you already started your travels for the season? Let me know where you are at the moment, or maybe where you’ll be heading in the next little while?
Also, we can figure out a time to speak on the phone… Let me know what timing works best for you. I’m quite flexible, although the week of the 14-20, I’ll be on vacation myself!


So, I write…

We are definitely on board for the story, however we don’t head south until January 1st as it’s our turn for our kids to come home for Xmas. Having said that, we haven’t winterized our RV and are thinking of heading to Comox Lake when the weather breaks. Sideways rain here on the island.

If this still works for you, (Sure hope so as I’ve told my family I’m on the cusp of fame and they need to address me accordingly) John and I can speak to you on the phone tomorrow, Wednesday if that suits.

So, Shelley writes….

Hi Shelley!
I’m sure it’s still on but I just want to check in with my editor because I’m sure he’ll want to photograph you two down south as it’s a snowbird series.
We might just have to postpone til the new year… I’ll get back to you shortly!
So, cross your fingers family and friends. You never know. Every now and then even a blind chicken finds a kernel of corn. Or something like that.
Just think, if this pans out I’ll be up there with these guys.
Snowbirds performing over Comox, Vancouver Island

Snowbirds performing over Comox, Vancouver Island

And if it doesn’t…

Kidding. Sort of.

Kidding. Sort of.

Shelley and John

28 thoughts on “Every Now and Then Even a Blind Chicken Finds a Kernel of Corn or Something like That

  1. Woohoo, Shelley, so glad you’re back, and on the cusp of fame, no less!!!

    I have missed your posts, but cannot call the kettle black due to the fact that I haven’t blogged since May, the month we bought our RV.

    I am commenting from the RV, parked in the Great Smoky Mountains. I have tons of stories to tell, just haven’t taken the time to write them. One day.

    And looking forward to following your newfound fame!

    Cheers. Lynne


  2. I’ve been missing you guys!!! The bathroom looks amazing — a perfect place to fake salmonella poisoning. I’m salivating just thinking of all the me-time I could soak up in that bad boy! Does “down south” mean back to SAVANNAH, GA? Please let me know so I can stalk you.


  3. Woohoo fame at last! How exciting! Though can’t imagine it’ll compare to KAYAKING WITH KILLER WHALES!! So, so jealous. I had an otter follow me in a kayak once, and that wasn’t exciting at all!


    • Thanks Teagan. Had a Scribblelive Chat with one of the Editors today. Was fun. Had a chance to throw the name of my blog out. We’ll see how famous I’ll become. Huge wink here. I am on my last project before Christmas. Painting trim. Endless. 🙂


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