Storm Chasers hit the Road

January 20th 3:30 PM…

Doctor Austin: You’re cleared to head south. Over the next four weeks gradually build up weighting your leg to 50%. At that point have an x-ray taken. If the bone’s healed, you can remove the cast.

January 21st 10:00 AM…

Shelley and John: Bye bye rainy Comox. Thank you family for putting us up for the last two and a half weeks. Here we come sunny, warm California.

Rolling Hills Casino, Northern California

Rolling Hills Casino, Northern California


My husband, John: Hi Andrew. We’ve made it through Shasta Pass to Rolling Hill Casino, northern Calfornia.

My son, Andrew: That’s great.

Shelley: Andrew, guess what?

Andrew: What?

Shelley: A tornado warning’s been issued only a few miles north of us.


We're here.

We’re here.

Andrew: Whaaaat?

Shelley: It’s crazy. Half of the sky is nasty, and the other half is a beautiful blue.


Can you believe we passed through the very same area a mere 10 minutes ago?

Andrew: You’re kidding?

Shelley: Nope. Through torrential rain. It was Malaysia all over again. The couple who drove into the campsite not long after us said that they were caught in a hail storm so heavy, the snow plows were called out onto the I5.

Andrew: But you’re OK, right?

John: We’re fine. As soon as we hang up, we’re heading to the Casino.

Andrew: Good. Good.

Shelley: Not now we’re not. The tornado warning’s been downgraded to a severe thunderstorm. Sigh.

Andrew: Mom, you sound disappointed.

Shelley: I am. Bitterly. It’s not like I wanted to be caught in one but I’ve never seen a tornado except on TV. Oh well. Wait! There’s hope. The TV weatherman is staying on air in case the storm turns nasty.

Maybe like this?

Maybe like this?

Andrew: Dad, promise me if the storm is upgraded to a possible tornado, you and mom will go to the Casino.

John: I promise. Shelley, you’re worrying him.

Shelley: Andrew, don’t worry. We won’t take any chances. We have a “How to be Tornado Prepared” checklist. I’m taking care of item #1 as we speak. Here you go, John. And here’s mine. There.

Andrew: Awesome. I feel so much better now that my “Storm Chaser” parents are wearing those.

Shelley: Andrew. Safety is no accident.


Rolling Hills Casino, Northern California, with full hook up, will cost you $28 American (that’s about $42 Canadian. YIKES!!!!!)

Shelley and John

29 thoughts on “Storm Chasers hit the Road

  1. I’m not a fan of this blizzard — okay last weekend’s blizzard, but the snow is still here. I’m even less a fan of tornadoes. I’ve been close enough to hear the “freight train” sound and see debris flying through the tornado-green sky three times when I lived in the deep south. It’s rather magnificent… but not when they get that close to your house… I’m with your son — glad you’re safe and sound. Huge hugs! 🙂


    • I hear you. The camp host said that when they do touch down, some people won’t go into the casino, they try to outrun it. I think I’d go with the casino as it’s brick. We watch the weather all the time (married to an Englishman) so see that the east is getting slammed. Here’s to warm sunny windless weather.


  2. We outran a massive tornado-spawning storm last spring in Iowa (without helmets). We were on the road with our trailer, with no easy place to hunker down. It’s not an experience that I would like to repeat.


  3. Oh my, you’re on the road again!!! Making a note of the casino for future trips out west (doesn’t look like west is in the cards for us this year), but hoping to avoid any and all discussion of tornadoes during our visit!! Although we do always have motorcycle helmets with us. 😉

    Glad to hear from you again. I am hoping to post soon too. Cheers, Lynne


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