In the fall of 2011, my lovely daughter-in- law Ash, a blogger, suggested that I blog about John’s and my Snowbirding trip to the US.

Snowbirding: When Canadians (Usually old, very) get the heck out of Canada via plane, train, automobile (A truck and a fifth wheel for the Smiths) during the winter.

I couldn’t believe that people would be bothered to read about our RV’ing escapades, but began anyway. Once we returned to Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, I fully intended to stop blogging, but couldn’t resist sharing the trials and tribulations of trying to assimilate back into North America: attempting to make friends, surviving family get togethers, enduring doctors’ appointments, fishing, handling Canadian weather…  basically anything that amused us. Hopefully “Honey did you see that?” will entertain you too.

Shelley and John (My loving, supportive editor)

166 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the premise of your blog and I am soooo jealous but you have definitely given me food for “retirement” thought in 7 years when I get to start the next chapter of my life. I will stay tuned for your next adventures as I follow you along.


  2. hey, I stumbled across ur blog and found it really inspiring… i am a travel blogger…
    my next post is about people residing in different parts of the world and their honeymoon destinations… would u like to get featured in my blog?


  3. Awesome of you to share your adventures. I’d love to go on a few myself, but until then…I can live it through you! So thankful for blogging! Best wishes to you and your adventuring! Take care! Koko:)


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