This S#%T Just got Real





2015-05-01 17.35.26

Wait some more2015-05-01 17.34.48


Shelley and John: Yayyyyyyyy!!!  We bought a house. We bought a house.





Shelley: It has so many things on our wish list. The living area faces southwest and

John: the mountains.

2015-04-22 11.55.26

Shelley: The back yard is private.

John: There’s room to park our RV.

Shelley: There’s a den downstairs.


John: It’s on a quiet established neighbourhood,

Shelley: with beautiful oak floors,

John: with two sheds in the backyard.


Shelley: Of course we’ll have to replace the roof and

John: One will be my man cave.

Shelley: take out those fireplaces. Dear God, the upstairs fire place is 71/2 by 41/2. That’s over 30 square feet of living space.

IMG_1866 IMG_1868

John: Imagine. My very own man cave. My very first “No women allowed man cave.” Crazy.

Shelley: Imagine. The downstair’s fireplace heats the hallway. Crazy.


John: My man cave will definitely have lights and

Shelley: My master bathroom will definitely have a shower and


John: a heater and

Shelley: we’ll update the kitchen with glossy white cabinets and

Like this

Like this

John: a fan because air con would be over the top and

Shelley: a light grey quartz countertop which is over the top and will push us over the budget but

John: I’d really like a TV but

Shelley: I’d really like a quartz countertop.

John: the shed doesn’t have electricity.

Shelley and John: Now don’t worry because I have a plan.

John: I’ll buy a long electrical cord. A very long electrical cord. Like over a hundred feet long.

Shelley: We’ll cut costs by taking down the chimney and fireplaces ourselves.

John: I’ll thread it through a plastic pipe like the one I used when installing the underground sprinkler system at Habitat.

Shelley: We’ll put on our climbing harnesses, tie into our climbing rope, borrow a sledge hammer from my brother, Shenley, and get to work.

2014-07-12 20.30.43

Shelley and John: I know we’ve never ever done anything like that before but…

John: Your brother, Steve, is actually planning to do the same thing on his land.


Shelley: I’ve YouTubed it.

Shelley and John: Definitely not a big deal. Agreed?

Shelley and John: Agreed.



Shelley: Wait.

John: What did you just say?

Shelley and John: Oh. Oh. This S#%T Just got Real!

Shelley and John

63 thoughts on “This S#%T Just got Real

  1. Congratulations to you and yours! Sure looks like a ‘keeper’ and what a wonderful photo of you and John. I love the way you are working on the wooden panels for the cabinet. Lovely!! So excited and happy for you, Honey! ha ha!


    • I feel my favorite part of this whole estate are the fireplaces. Wow! You did a great job of demonstrating they really are huge! I also feel happy about your double sheds, Shelley. Imagine all the stuff you can put in there!


      • So funny. I would love the fireplaces too if they weren’t huge. We will replace the monsters with smaller ethanol ones. John can’t stop going on and on about his sheds not my sheds. We’ll see. Wink!


  2. Congratulations to your new abode! 🙂 It looks great. I’certain you’ll enjoy it. I love the fireplaces, btw.
    Have a great weekend,


  3. Congratulations on your new purchase! Now you will also get to fight the moles and garden tractor/mower and such! It is a beautiful home. Enjoy!


  4. Congratulations… Fantastic… Great View!

    Looks like a nice piece of property and a comfy home when you make it yours. Looks like no super trips anymore, as you will be spending all your money at home.

    Still annoyed as Hell you did not swing through Friday Harbor on the way to your Island. But if you want to get new window treatments for your new home, I’ll come over and set you up and then come back and install them. (no kidding… I think they’ll still let me in Canada.


    • Ahhh Ted, we plan to rent out in the winter so mainland Mexico is still on. We’ve found a contractor who has agreed to work with us in order to reduce costs. Ahhh we always swing through Vancouver to see Andrew. One of these days. Thanks for the offer on the window treatments. Be careful what you offer. Swags are a no no?? 🙂


  5. Shelley! Congrats. I LOVE the house — it’s fantastic. I knew this was going to be a fun post when i saw the title, but i wasn’t expecting the house. And the view! I’ve always wanted a good view. Yay!
    Good luck and mega-hugs. 😀


    • Thanks teagan. It has so much positive energy. We met the 84 year old owner who told us that the house has been full of love and she’s confident that we will continue to keep pouring in more. I started tearing up! Oh the view!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Woohoo how exciting! And what a gorgeous house too! I’m in the middle of doing the opposite: I’m selling my flat and my parents are freaking out that I haven’t bought a new one yet… but for some reason I’m not. Not sure why yet, but suspect it will be interesting!


    • It is soooo exciting. Sold your flat? Sounds like fun. At one point we thought we’d rent as a back up because we wouldn’t be responsible for the upkeep. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking?


  7. Congratulations! Looks amazing. I’m sure there’ll be a post or two when you and John start jackhammering fireplaces and snaking electrical wire underground. Can’t wait to read those. 🙂


  8. Way to go Shelley… You got a little mansion o_O … I love the location, above all.
    I am with you… Those fireplaces are huge… You’d better remove them… Your pics lying by them speak for themselves… One … or two pictures are worth a thousand words, as the saying goes…
    Have a wonderful week ahead!!!! ❤ Aquileana


  9. It’s beautiful, and it has such gorgeous views! And it sounds as if it has something for BOTH of you to work on and in. 🙂



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