John and I returned to Vancouver Island at the end of April. Since that time, we’ve been gardening, planning a kitchen, spring cleaning, volunteering, you know, the things you do when you return to your home after three months, like writing a book, novelette, short story, poem, haiku.

Here it is.


sleepless restless nights

vacuum leering touching bed

overflowing with live spiders

What do you think?

What I haven’t been doing is posting on my blog. I’ve decided to take a break for a while, but fear not, you can still enjoy Smith humour as my son, Matt, has resurrected his comic site, SMITH VS. SMITH. He’s very talented, very funny, and very committed to becoming a successful writer. He’s so good, people are hiring him to create comics about their lives. I think it’s time for his comics to do the talking. Here’s one he wrote just for me.


And his most recent one. Jobs for Cats


He also writes about his life in Kuwait with his new wife, Emma,

and action heroes…


You can follow Matt on Instagram or his comic site, SMITH VS. SMITH

Matt is available for commission work too. I know I know. What doesn’t this kid do? 

If interested E-mail him at

Take care everyone. I’ll continue to check out your sites during my hiatus.

Shelley and John

8 thoughts on “SMITH VS. SMITH

  1. Hi Shelley,
    sometimes a break from blogging is simply necessary: just what the doctor ordered. 😉 But I do hope to see you blogging again some time (soon). I enjoy(ed) reading your posts so much.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So that’s what you’re supposed to do, announce your hiatus?!?! Lol, I guess I am late for that on my blog!

    Matt is seriously funny…going to follow him and hope your hiatus isn’t as long as mine. Heehee.


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