How Much Longer? Are we There Yet?

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John and I have returned to the Palm Springs area. We decided to check out some local hiking areas, as this RV  Park has two fully functioning pools. 🙂 We spent our first morning hiking in the Painted Canyon area. Although we didn’t find the Laddered Canyon Loop Trail until about half way through the hike, it was a successful outing. On our second day, we chose to explore Thousand Palms. All went well,

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until the last mile or so

John: Explain to me, one more time, why you, someone who almost failed her Orienteering Course in University, decided to take us off the main trail?

Shelley: I was trying to save us some time. Besides, I knew where we were the entire time.


John: No. You thought you knew where we were.  We could have died from dehydration. Like the guy who had to hack off his arm with a knife.

Shelley: He didn’t die.

John: That’s not my point. My point is… Ahhh! Never mind. I thought you said that when we reached the road, we would be at the parking lot.

Shelley: No, I said, we would be closer. I showed you on the map.

John: I know. But my brain can’t accept that we’re not done. How much longer?

Shelley: All we have to do is hike past that hill, cut in, hike through a small canyon and… Hey! Would you look at that? There’s the legend. Wouldn’t you know that I would find it now? Let me see… According to my calculations, we should be back to the parking lot in…. Oh. (mumbling) thirty minutes.

John: I heard that.

Shelley: Want a drink?

John: No thanks. It’s too sweet.

Shelley: Orange?

John: No thanks. Hey!!!!! A$$^%&#!!!!, move over! You almost hit us!

Shelley: What is wrong with you?

John: I’m hot. My toe hurts. I’m tired.


Shelley: If you’re that tired, why don’t you hitchhike?

John: No. You never know who’s in those trucks. They could be Mass Murderers. Like Dexter.

Shelley: Dexter only kills bad people. We’re good people.

John: I am. Not too sure about you.

Shelley: Ha! Ha! You know what this reminds me of? This reminds me of when we hiked Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit, with the Mullens. Remember that second day, how we all staggered in after seven hours of hiking, one at a time, to Poon Hill?  We looked like refugees. Awful, but soooo funny.  And when we saw that helicopter pad, and Robbie said, “Don’t tell Toni. She’ll make the guide radio for one.” Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Remember?

PicMonkey Collage

John: Shhhh! Don’t talk.

Shelley: But I’m trying to…

John: I just need some silence.

Shelley: Fine.

John: You just talked.

Shelley: I just said, “Fine.” That’s hardly talking.

John: Why do you always have to have the last word?

Shelley: I don’t.

John: There. You did it again.

Shelley:  But if you think about it, you telling me, that I had the last word, shows that you had the last word.

John: Is it possible that I can win this?

Shelley: Well, if you believe in what the White Queen from Alice in Wonderland  said, “Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” you can.

John: What???? Jesus Christ Shelley!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelley: OK. OK…..




Shelley: Hey! John!

John: Wow! You almost made one minute.

Shelley: Ha! Ha! There’s the Oasis.  Told you I knew where we were. Now what do you say?


John: I say I love you and I never doubted you for a minute. IMG667

Shelley: But we’re still getting a GPS?

John: Absolutely.

Shelley and John

24 thoughts on “How Much Longer? Are we There Yet?

  1. Let us see if We = still FRed(tm) and I got this right. Shelley forces John down a rock face or a deep hole then in the next photo seems to stamp on his head to make sure he stays down there?
    After which, they are STILL talking/kissing and god knows what.They go to an oasis where most sane people would have been all along and pickNicking on fine shellfish with a chilled Chablis or similar.
    Hmmmm? “Back to the end of the creek FRed(tm).”


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  6. Your mother would have called me a lot worse name and has not forgiven me for not calling a helicopter on one of our short hikes


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  8. I’m totally hearing both of your personalities in this last story, Shelley and Jon! Fun. I’m so glad Fred posted that you have this dialog going on during your travels. Be safe, keep writing, enjoy the year. Love, Wendy


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