Tylor Joins The Smith Family Adventure Series

Comox Glacier, Vancouver Island

Comox Glacier, Vancouver Island


Comox Lake, Vancouver Island

Comox Lake, Vancouver Island

Stotan Falls, Comox Valley, Vancouver Island

Stotan Falls, Comox Valley, Vancouver Island

Last weekend, Tylor, Andrew and Ash’s buddy, joined us for a Smith Family Adventure Series in the Comox Valley. Tylor fit right in…


Shelley: Camera’s not working.

John: Give it to Andrew to look at the settings.

Andrew: Any nudie photos on here I shouldn’t see?

John: Tonnes.

Tylor: Maybe that’s why the camera broke. IMG_1598 ON THE WAY TO GOOSE SPIT FOR A  BARBEQUE… IMG_1646 John: Jesus Christ Shelley! We are never going to find a parking spot.

Tylor: Not with that attitude you’re not.

Goose Spit, Vancouver Island

Goose Spit, Vancouver Island


Ashly: Smoke on the waaaater… A FIRE IN THE SKYYYY!!!

Tylor: Ash, you can take my money, but you don’t get to take my song.


Tylor: Yeoooucchhhh!!! My butt keeps hitting the rocks!

Shelley: My butt’s fine. I took one of the biggest tubes.

Tylor: As you’re the smallest person here, that’s totally reprehensible. But because you said it, you feel that you can get away with it?

Shelley: Exactly.

Shelley and Tylor: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Shelley: Now I do feel bad. Would you like to trade?

Tylor: No. Never mind. I’ll just put up my feet on your tube and plank over the rest of the rapids.

Shelley: Oh good, because, to be honest with you, my feet were crossed when I offered.

Stotan Falls, Vancouver Island

Stotan Falls, Vancouver Island

Stotan Falls, Vancouver Island

Stotan Falls, Vancouver Island

For more Tylor, check out his blog, http://treveriitylor.wordpress.com/2013/07/21/the-atrocious-german-pillow/ IMG_1490 Shelley and John

17 thoughts on “Tylor Joins The Smith Family Adventure Series

  1. You make the water look like it is 80 degrees (that’s American for really comfortable warm). Is the water that comfortable in the river? However, overall it does look like a blast!


    • That water was not even close to 80. It’s the run off from the Comox Glacier. YIKES!!! I would wear my wet suit but I would be made fun of. But because it’s so shallow at the Statan Falls area it does warm up on the rocks and the pot holes a little tiny bit! The tubing is a blast.


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