Comox Glacier, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Comox Glacier, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Comox Lake, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Comox Lake, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Comox Lake, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Comox Lake, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada


My brother, Shenley: And your boat orientation is officially over. If you drop me off at the wharf, you can pick up mom and dad. Anything goes wrong, call me. Bye!

John and Shelley: Thanks Shenley. Bye.

Mom and dad: Permission to come aboard, Captain John?

Captain John: Permission granted.


John: How about some lunch?

Shelley: Aye, aye, Captain.

2014-05-27 14.54.34

Shelley: Hey, Captain John, isn’t that white floaty thing floating over there our white floaty thing?


John: Whoops! We forgot to bring in the fender. Everyone has to promise not to tell Shenley.

Everyone: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

John: Why don’t we head up to the end of the lake, then fish on the way back?

Everyone: Sounds good. Yeeeeee! Hawwwwww!!!!!



2014-05-27 15.01.42

Mom: I’ll drive back… Oh! Oh! John! There’s no power. It just died.

John: You’re kidding me?

Shelley: Worse yet. Look at the temperature gauge. The needle’s on 200 degrees.

John: Noooo!!!!! This can’t be happening on our first day out.

Dad: It must have over heated. No big deal. Once it cools off, we’ll start it up again.


10 minutes later…

Shelley: The needle hasn’t moved.


20 minutes later…

Shelley: Still hasn’t moved.


Dad: I guess it’s time to call Shenley.


Ring. Ring. Ring.

Shenley: Hello?

John: Shenley, the boat died on us.

Shenley: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha! You’re funny, John. No one can get cell reception on Comox Lake. I know you’re at home. Bye.

John: Wait!!!!! I’m not kidding.

Shenley’s wife, Marina: Get John to turn on the engine. If he’s home, he can’t turn it on.

Shenley: Try turning on the engine.

Whhhiiirrrrr… Whhhhirrrrrr… Whirrrrr…

Shenley: Stop! Where are you?

John: At the very end of the lake. Sigh.


Shenley: I’m on my way.

Shelley: God love Shenley. Every time we need help, he’s there. Even though we had awesome suggestions, I think we need to rename the boat,

“Call Shenley.”


Mom: But I like, “Ooops Silly Me”


Shelley: What do you think, honey?


Shelley: What do you want to call the boat?


Shelley: Honey?


Shelley: John?


John: People warned us it’s bad luck to rename your boat, but did we listen? Oh no, the Smiths did not listen. We knew better. Now we have all this bad karma. Forget it, “Maid His Day” stays. Tell you what, though, if we had changed it, I’d call this clunker,

2014-05-26 10.32.42



Shelley and John






43 thoughts on “NAMASTE MTHRFCKR

    • Namaste back at you! 🙂 Ha! Ha! The banner is photo shopped. Ironically I used a couple from “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?” No tickets. No response. Honestly, what’s a girl to do??


  1. OMG, Shelley! What an adventure! I’m sure “Maid His Day” was just being a bit shy. She’s got to get to know you folks a bit better, you know? Thank goodness for Shenley (how did your parents NOT get confused calling you to dinner?) At least you guys looked really good out there! Hope she’s on the mend. 🙂


    • “Maid His Day” is back with her previous owner who has vowed to find the problem and if not will give us a refund. Love your optimism. Kind of like my mom, who picked up a paddle and started to row us back. 🙂 As for when we were growing up… all of us siblings have names that start with an “S”, have seven letters and our middle names start with an “M.” As for when we were growing up, mom would yell out the back door, “Shhh.. Shhh… St… God Damn it! One of you get in here!” 🙂


    • Awww. Thanks. While we waited, there was plenty of time to snap away. Always a little bit funnier after some time has passed. Hopefully, all will be sorted out by the previous owner. If not, he has offered to refund us. The adventure continues.


  2. Gorgeous pictures. Wow…this takes me back to our boating days. Love love love the name Namaste Mthrfckr. Bad luck or not, I might steal it for our next boat……except, I swore if Gil bought another boat he could sleep in it because he would no longer be welcome in my bed. I’ve mellowed since having children — hear, they’ve worn me out and I no longer have energy to be high-strung — so maybe i could handle a boat again one day….maybe…if so, we’re stealing the name…


      • Where should I begin? 1) the time when he took the boat out with his parents & sister off the Savannah River while I was working in Atlanta. They left early Saturday morning & by 11pm I hadn’t heard from him & couldn’t reach any of their phones. I’ll spare you the details but the boat broke down & they spent the night on the river. 2) I was 7 months pregnant (in July, in Savannah — hot doesn’t begin to cut it) when Gil said, “Please go out on the boat with me. It’s really calm today & we won’t get a chance to go for a long time.” I agreed. It was NOT calm – this was the ocean. I spent most of the day throwing up over the side of the boat – almost threw up on a sweet dolphin — that was actually cool — the dolphin, not the throwing up. THEN I began having contractions so Gil & his dad dropped his mom & me off at one of the barrier islands so I could tell if I was really in labor– thankfully I was not, but the experience was traumatizing nonetheless. 3) The perfect storm — i swore if I made it off that boat alive I would never get back on. I said the F-word more times than you can imagine in front of my in-laws, which led to my FIL introducing me from that point on as “our daughter-in-law — a Georgia peach who can cuss like a sailor.”

        Seriously, we had lots of good times on the boat, but I felt like the cost seriously outweighed the enjoyment — though I’m sure Gil would disagree. The timing was also bad for us. We were both working full time and we didn’t live near the water, so when we did take the boat out it took a lot of time and ate up our entire weekend. Plus we had NO extra money at the time and there was always something wrong with the boat. Sorry, John! I’m not helping your case — it would have been PERFECT if we were retired. 🙂 You guys have inspired me to pull out some old pictures. I’m pretty sure I have a lovely shot of us shortly before I nearly birthed Piers on Captiva Island. If I can find it I’ll send it your way…


      • Oh boy! Those are awful experiences, OK, I did laugh, but only a little, picturing you hurling on Flipper.:) And what a great nickname you have, Georgia Peach! As for the cost of running a boat, yikes! John went out in two days and bought all kinds of things. They are sitting in our garage in their wrappers. Ka-ching! So the cost is already creeping wayyyy up. YIKES! Can’t wait to see the picture of you and Piers to be. 🙂


  3. Oh, too bad! We just bought a boat and have done two test runs. Now we’ve finally got it all set up and our fishing licenses in our pockets and really really want to go out today but it’s building up in thunderstorms all around. Boo!


    • I will pass on all the positive karma I can to you. Yep, wait for the thunderstorms to finish. Wayyyyy to early to figure out what to do in winds and high seas. Happy boating! Will check to see you cruise pics.


    • Ha! Ha! Ronnie! It’s comforting to know that you and I have about the same level of boating knowledge. My brother, Shenley, would actually say,”Frightening.” Sadly, it was totally insignificant to the engine. I wish. Sigh! Fingers crossed, all will be well by Tuesday. Stay tuned. 🙂


    • Thanks! Tell Rob, there are eagles on the lake. And even if the boat does not work out, we’ll take you guys up there for a hike, a rock climb, bike ride, kayak trip… on your next visit!


  4. Shelley, the pictures are gorgeous, what a lovely area. And John looked like a natural at *captaining*. Is that a word? Good to have a rescue brother, that is for sure!

    It sounds like the previous owner is a good chap and will either fix it or give you your money back…then John can go shopping again!


    • Thanks. I am waiting for the crystal blue sky in the back ground of the glacier. Sadly, the scientists are only giving it 25 years. Lucky for you, you’ll be able to see the Glaciers at Jasper National Park, north of Banff. They are incredible. As for the previous owner, he offered our money back, twice, but we he is a mechanic and should be able to fix the new- he rebuilt it with new parts, engine. Fingers crossed. Then, John can shop. Good thing I am a part time worker. That’s right. I’ve been promoted! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes! We are really looking forward to seeing the glaciers (and everything else) in Jasper and surrounding areas. I definitely have my fingers crossed for the boat. Even with your promotion we need to keep John’s boat shopping contained. 😀


  5. With your wonderful sense of humor, is it any surprise that your new boat also has a wicked sense of fun?

    Has an engine prognosis come in about your boat’s health?


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