Let’s do This Again… Say In Ten Year’s Time


Clockwise from top left: Phoenix Coyotes vs. Carolina Panthers, Los Angeles Angels vs. Chicago White Sox, Card Bingo which Robbie admitted he liked., (well he and Toni did win), Wine tasting, Hiking on Casa Grande Mountain, Oracle Biosphere

Day 1…

John: Mwahhh AC. Mwahhh wahhh wahhh DC. Electricity mwahhhh wahhhhh wahhhh current. Mwahhhhh plug in. Mwahhh wahhh no generator. Mwahhhh wahhhh dry camping mwahhh wahhh wahhh solar panel. Got it?

Toni: John, all I need to know is whether or not there’s ice for my vodka.


Day 2…

6:40 in the morning…

Very loud ring tone – Da dah da da dah!!!!! Da dah da da dah!!!!! Da dah da da dah!!!!! Da dah da da dah!!!!!

The ring tone is ignored.

6:40:20 in the morning…

Same very loud ring tone – Da dah da da da!!!! Da dah da da dah!!!!! Da dah da…

Toni: Mmmphhhh. Helllo. Hello? Alex! How are you? So good to hear from you. You remember me teaching you study skills 25 years ago? That is so sweet. I remember…

John: Too bad Toni didn’t teach Alex about time zones.

Day 3…


8 scientists spent 2 years in an artificial, materially closed ecological system in Oracle, Arizona Oracle. TWO FREAKIN” YEARS!!!!!!!

Rob: Oh. Oh. I forgot my money.

John: Did you hear that, Shelley? Rob forgot his money.

Rob: Johnny, you’re such a Wanker. Here it is. But, I don’t have anything smaller than a twenty.

John: Once again, the Smiths are carrying the Mullens. Typical. Don’t worry Robbie, we’ve got you covered for the Biosphere. (Click here for more info. on the Oracle, Arizona Biosphere.)

Day 4…

6:40 in the morning…

Very loud ring tone – Da dah da da dah!!!!! Da dah da da dah!!!!! Da dah da da dah!!!!! Da dah da da dah!!!!!

Ring tone is ignored.

6:40:20 in the morning…

Same very loud ring tone – Da dah da da da!!!! Da dah da da dah!!!!! Da dah da…

Toni: Mmmphhhh. Helllo. Hello? Alex!

John: Jesus Christ!

Day 5…

Shelley: Toni, I thought of you when we walked this trail in November. I said, “Bet Toni would love this hike.”


Day 6…

John: Are we ready to pack up? Jesus, Robbie. You haven’t even showered. What’ve you been doing?

Shelley and Toni: Yeah Robbie, what have you been doing?

Robbie: Listen you Dip S#$ts, I’m tired of you giving me a hard time. John said we had a late check out, so I read, wrote thank-you cards, fixed your table, made breakfast, practiced my hand signals to help you back up,


walked for fourty minutes, drank a few cups of coffee, visited the mens, checked my e-mail. And now you’re all over my Ass. Johnnie, I thought you would mellow out when you retired. But you’re worse. It’s like you’re in the middle of a tournament.

Shelley: Nice job on the counselling, Robbie. I want my money back.

Rob: You asked me to talk to John about his obsessiive list making and I did.

Shelley: John, do you have “Packing up the RV” on your list?

John: Of course.

Shelley: Shopping for groceries?

John: Yes. Plus a list of everything we need.

Shelley: Have you written down the jobs that need completing once we return to Canada?

John: Definitely.

Shelley: Me?

John: Always.

Shelley: Enough said. I want a refund.

Robbie: You didn’t pay me.

Shelley: That’s irrelevant. Since you weren’t on your “A’ game, pay up.

Robbie: I’m going to shower.

John: Take your time. We’ve got nothing better to do than sit around all day and wait for you.

Shelley: Hey Robbie, I was thinking that if you find some quiet time alone with John, maybe you could bring up how he rushes everything he does. Also, perhaps, if you don’t mind…

Rob: Shelley? Shelley, are you talking to me outside my shower cubicle?

Shelley: Not a good time?

Rob: Dear God! This entire family is F#$Ked!

Robbie comes out of the shower.

John: Jesus, there he is. Good afternoon Rob. While you were showering I put away your bed. You’re welcome.

Rob: Awwwwwwww Johnny.


Day 7…

Apache Junction Gold Town

Apache Junction Goldfield Ghost Town

Shelley: No shoot out? This is Bull Shit.

Rob: Jesus, Johnny. You dragged us all the way out here and there’s no F#$King gun fight. Toni, next year we’re going somewhere else for Spring Break.

John: That’s it. You two are having a swearing contest. First to ten.

Rob: Psssst. Shelley. This is really hard trying not to swear.

Shelley: Don’t worry, John’s out of earshot. Go ahead and swear.

Rob: Really? You won’t dob me out?

Shelley: Never. Go for it.

Rob: It’s F@#king hot! I need a beer.

Shelley: John! Robbie just swore. Ha! Ha! One, nothing for me.


Day 8…

Shelley: Go right at the next intersection.

Rob: Here’s another restaurant.

Toni: Not now. We’re trying to find the one we’ve booked.

Rob: Toni. I’m trying to share my list of recommended restaurants.

Shelley: Left here.

Rob: It’s called Ahi Ahi

John: That’s in Hawaii, isn’t it?

Shelley: Might be a little hard to get to by truck.

John and Toni: Yeah, Robbie.

Rob: You’re all being such Dicks, I’m going to put this away and read.

John: As useless as ever. After 22 years. Nothing’s changed.

Day 9…


John: What’s in this big suitcase anyway? You’ve not even opened it.

Rob: No idea. Toni packed it.

John: Well it’s certainly not clothes. Toni’s worn the same shirt all week. Shelley, check it before they go. They’re probably stealing our stuff as we speak.

Rob: Awwwww Johnny.

Toni: You’re going to miss us when we’re gone. Admit it.


John: True. Let’s do this again… say, in ten years time.


Click here for interactive map updates. Day 210, March 23rd.


Shelley and John

31 thoughts on “Let’s do This Again… Say In Ten Year’s Time

    • No Pauly Shore. Ha! Ha! I couldn’t get over the two year thing. We all guessed how long we would last. I was thinking about a month. I lie. No wine??? A week.


  1. Whoa! That’s what friends are for, huh? Very funny. That’s how it goes when I get together with family, but for some reason we don’t wait the full ten years to do it again. It’s like giving birth, you somehow forget how bad it was and do it again. Que Loco!


    • Que Loco si!! It was ridiculously fun. 9 days was the perfect length. Now two years in that Biosphere… there’s no way. John said he would have been out of there in a week. Less without his TV or being able to work out. You?


    • Thanks Jack! You can help me??? Maybe I’ll throw in some Zombies because the other night I dreamt of one grabbing me by the throat. And that very day I was reading your blog. Coincidence, I think not. 🙂


  2. You guys are a hoot, and your friends are too.

    However, I have to say that I would want my friends to bring their own RV. Something about more than two adults in a small space, no?


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