Sniff Sniff Sniffle

Day 49, October 17

Capital Hill, Washington, DC

Capital Hill, Washington, DC

The National Gallery of Art is Closed during the shutdown of the Federal Government, Washington, DC

The National Gallery of Art is Closed during the shutdown of the Federal Government, Washington, DC

Museum closed, Washington, DC.Museum closed, Washington, DC.


Lincoln Memorial, also closed, wink.

Lincoln Memorial, also closed, wink.

John: Are you crying? Over a car commercial?

Shelley: Sniff. No. Sniff. Maybe. That little girl grew up so quickly. And during all of those years, her mother kept her safe in their Subaru. But it’s not really about the car. It’s about how fast kids grow up. Like Matt and Andrew did. Now Matt’s teaching in Kuwait and Andrew’s in Vancouver married to Ash. I understand how Simendea (Ash’s mom, who lives in Bali) feels. I really do. We’re so far away from our kids. Sniff. Sniff. Sniffle.

Brian, Simendea (Ash's parents), Amanda, (Ash's sister), Ash, Andrew, Matt, me and John

Brian, Simendea (Ash’s parents), Amanda, (Ash’s sister), Ash, Andrew, Matt, me and John

John: We’ll see them at Christmas.

Shelley: That’s over two months away.

Shelley: Sniff. Sniff. Oh Sniffle.

John: Shelley, we have never seen one “Law and Order” episode. How in the world can this commercial make you cry?

Shelley: Because John one of the cops is retiring. Look, he’s carrying his box out of the office one last time. It’s so final. What if he never sees his friends again? What if he never makes new friends? Like us? Sniff. Sniff. Sniffle.

John: Oh thank God. “The Voice” is back on.


Adam: First of all you know I love both of you. You know that, right? This so hard. This part of “The Voice” really sucks. I hate my job. But I choose… I choose… Tessanne Chin.

Shelley: Ohhhhh…. Sniff. Snif. Sniffle.

John: Again?

Shelley: I can’t help myself because, sniff, sniff, sniffle because…

John: Because?

Shelley: Sniff. Because the “Tina Turner Sound A Like Singer,” Donna Allen, just lost in “The Battle Rounds” and no one picked her up. What were they thinking? Now she’ll never win “The Voice.” She was singing for all of the 50 plus people out there. Like me. She spoke to me. She said,

“Shelley, you are never too old to go for after your dreams.”

And now her dream is dead. Mine too. Sniff. Sniff. Sniffle.

John: I didn’t know you had a dream.

Shelley: I don’t. But that’s not the point. Sniff. Sniff. Sniffle.

John:Β And I thought you liked Tessanne Chin more.

Shelley: I do. Imagine if she had lost?

John: Dear God. Come here. Euhhhh…. You’re all sweaty.

Shelley: All that crying gave me hot flashes. Whew. All better now. Thanks.


Shelley: John?

John: Yes?

Shelley: I think reducing my HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) prescription by half is going really well. Don’t you?

Shelley and John

Donna and Tessane: Timeline photos

26 thoughts on “Sniff Sniff Sniffle

  1. Oh no! You were here during the shutdown. That sucks. Hope you still got to see some other stuff and have a good time. Perhaps it was the shutdown that had you a little emotional?


    • We were still out of luck on the way to Virginia Beach and through Kitty Hawk and Roanoke Island. There were definitely tears, but more of the “Are you serious?? Get it together.”kind. Oh well. I think everything is now open. But our motto is not to turn back. Next time. John definitely had a beer or two that night. A Waterfront, Autumn Ale. πŸ™‚


  2. Your conversations always make me smile. And I’m loving your photos! You’re in my old stomping grounds … but sure hate seeing the gates closed to visitors and tourists.


    • Hey Cindi. Although it sucked, I felt worse for the people furloughed. At the WWII Memorial the Rangers were there because they volunteered. Still it was an amazing day. How is it that Washington was your old stomping grounds?


      • I lived between Baltimore and Washington for 15 years – it was a great place to raise my daughters. You passed my old house if you traveled Interstate 95. I loved heading into the city for the day to explore the museums! My youngest daughter lives just north of Baltimore, so I still get back to the area – but haven’t been to Washington since I moved to Norway in 2007. (Ironically, another blogger I follow is about two days ahead of you enjoying her travels of the US East Coast … so I had several days worth of Washington DC photos to enjoy!)


      • It is truly a small world if we passed by your old house. What a difference between there and Norway. I’m going to have to look at the bloggers you follow and see what she recommends. Maybe next time everything will be open.


      • It’s interesting to see photos and read words of the places I’ve been around, but never been *to*….like NASCAR. πŸ™‚

        I think all travel bloggers can agree that slow (or non-existent) internet when traveling is the most frustrating aspect of life out of a suitcase!


    • Dang you. I’m going to say Shakespeare. But hang on, I’ll look it up. Ta Dahhh!! The old english teacher in me is still there. However, there is a debate on the word pox. Back to you. What is the other curse that was thrown out?


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