Because Crying is What I do at Weddings


Palos Verdes, California

Palos Verdes, California




She and Matt

Music begins.

Shelley: Love the trumpet accompanying the organ. Great touch. Sniff.

The flower girls enter the church.

Shelley: Oh my God. Matt, look. Aren’t they the cutest little flower girls? Sniff. Sniff.

My son, Matt: Yes?

Mother of the bride enters.

Shelley: Sniff. Sniff. Sniff.

Matt: Are you crying?

Shelley: A little. Sniff.

Matt: You know the mother of the bride?

Shelley: No.

Matt: So you’re crying because?

Shelley: Because crying is what I do at weddings. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Here comes the bride. She looks beautiful. Her veil is beautiful. Her dress is beautiful. A beautiful beige colour. No, beige is not the right colour. What colour do you think it is?

Matt: White?

Shelley: No. Definitely not white. Coral? No. Dang. Ah! Ha! Champagne. Thank God. That would have kept me awake all night. Champagne. Beautiful.

Call to Worship. Opening Prayer. Worship Song.

Shelley: They’re going to regret that they printed the words when they hear us Smiths sing. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Matt: Mom, I don’t think you’re supposed to talk through out the wedding. The other guests can hear us.

Shelley: But if I wait until after the wedding, I’ll forget what I was going to say.

Declaration of Intent. Reading of Scripture. Words of Encouragement from the Father of the Groom.

Father of the Groom: I have some advice for Jeff and NooRi. The rest of you are welcome to listen. It’s important NooRi  that you look after Jeff. You will have to cook, do the laundry and obey him.

Shelley: Whew. Got those covered.

Matt: Mom, you don’t cook.

Shelley: Shhh.

Matt: And you don’t do the laundry.

Shelley: Shhh.

Matt: And you sure don’t obey.

Shelley: Shhhh. You’re going to blow my cover.

Exchange of Vows & Rings. Lighting of Unity Candle. 

Shelley: Now that is very symbolic. I like that. Matt, do you like that?

Matt: Dad. Switch with me?

Shelley: Shhhh! Everyone can hear you. Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Family Affirmation. Wedding Prayer. Marriage Pronouncement & Benediction. Recessional.

Matt: Thanks for the running commentary, mom. It was like I was actually there.

Shelley: You’re welcome. Now that was a classy ceremony. I’m so glad we made the effort to be a part of Jeff and NooRi’s big day. What do you think?


Matt: I think the next time we go to a wedding, dad sits next to you.


Day 118, December 23rd,2013

Shelley and John

Hymnal Pic:

29 thoughts on “Because Crying is What I do at Weddings

  1. “Dad, switch with me?” LOVE IT! That’s an awesome line by your handsome son!! Glad your boys will both be with you, Shelley. And what a handsome couple you too are – you clean up nicely! LOL. Feliz, feliz!


  2. I just love you to bits Shelley but you know that right? And why not cry at Weddings or whenever you like, gotta keep those tear ducts open….wait till Matt gets wed, oh boy blub overload !!!! have a great time all together, we’ll be raising a glass and wishing you well here in the UK xxxx


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