What’s the Difference Between a Buffalo and a Bison?

Shelley: Yellowstone is something else, isn’t it? How about Old Faithful?

Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

The other geysers and hot springs aren’t too shabby either.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

I love the Painted Pot Mud Geyser. Imagine having a mud bath in that sucker?

IMG_7061I can’believe that not one of those geysers has been converted into a swimming pool or a hot tub like Banff Hot Springs. I love hot tubs. We are 100% installing a hot tub in our new house. That would be the one on 6th street. Just so you know, I’ve already started planning its renovations.


Phase 1:

Tear down that ridiculous entrance way.

Replace windows with sliding doors which will open to the

newly built deck with a pergola

Install a dark gray metal roof

Phase 2:


Replace old flooring with ash hardwood

Install fireplace

Update kitchen

Hmmmm. What else?

John: How about selling “our” homes before we discuss renovation plans on a house we haven’t even bought yet?


Shelley: I guess, although I sure wish Becky (our realtor) would let us know what the other realtors thought of the houses. Don’t you?

John: Don’t you think you are obsessing over the houses just a little?

Shelley: No. Why would you say something like that?

John: Because you carry around a “Renovation Ideas” folder with you 24/7.

Shelley: John, it’s called being prepared. You, of all people, should appreciate my foresight.

John: I give up. I have an idea. While we wait for Becky to contact us, why don’t we talk about something else, like the bison?



What’s the difference between a bison and a buffalo?

John and Shelley: You can’t wash your hands in a buffalo. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Shelley: Those bison came so close. They kind of spooked me.


All the pamphlets say, “Keep a minimum of 25 yards from bison.” But what if the bison don’t keep a safe distance? Then what?


Never mind the bison. What if a grizzly bear charges us?

John: I believe what the salesman told us, “With this here Bear Pepper Spray you’ll be safer than you would be carrying a gun.”

Shelley: I was a believer too, until I saw this shirt.


Day 14, September 25th

Shelley and John

Still no word from “Comox Valley Echo” so still looks like I am their travel blog reporter!

32 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between a Buffalo and a Bison?

  1. You are quite right to have plans in mind and omg, I love that house!!!!! Bifold doors are very in here and would be perfect for that upper storey? Now the bison/buffalos are magnificent and my favourite animals next to gorillas. I want to be with you guys NOW!!!!! 🐝


  2. The Haybag and I friend of hers went to Yellowstone and did not see any Bison. Not one. Frankly, I still don’t believe her. Although, they are both from South Carolina and really affected by altitude. I think she may have slept through all of Yellowstone, or at least was only in a semi-conscious state most of the time.


  3. I love Yellowstone!!! But my first time there, we went to some evening bison event (really they called it that — The Evening Bison Event) and the woman leading it was WAY too in to the bison. She even said it in this throaty, sensual voice “The bison…such and such.” And naturally she said it over and over and over. My cousin and I (we were 15ish at the time) decided it would have much more fun with alcohol. Drinking games and all — get a question wrong and every time she said “The bison…” you’d have to take a shot. Well, we would have been hammered, which would have been fine with us since we weren’t overly keen on attending the damn bison event. I’m pretty sure she explained the difference between bison and buffalo, but as you probably already guessed, I was too busy wishing I was playing drinking games to hear the answer. Happy Travels!


    • Too funny. We went to an “Animal Talk” one of the evenings too. I can’t imagine being 15, sober and listening to “The Evening Bison Event.” This guy wasn’t bad except his slides were made from before I was born. Yep! That ancient. Is there really a difference between the two, I wonder aloud. Yes, too lazy to look it up. Anyone who is reading this, if you know the answer, let me know. 🙂


  4. Dang! You just zipped through Idaho without even a photo or an update. At least of the endless fields of potatoes…

    What’s the muck temp in that Painted Pot. That may account for why they haven’t converted it for human use. Skin scalds, right? Just wondering out loud. Pay no attention to the man behind that screen.

    I’m with John on this one: Enjoy the journey/experiences. Deal with property ‘stuff’ when/if something concrete surfaces. Can concrete surface?

    Oh, so what it the difference between a Buff and a Bi?


    • Zipped in and out after leaving Yellowstone. Not a potato to be found! Mostly scrub and hills. Wrong part maybe? The temperature in those pools was ridiculously high as when the bubbles burst, steam would come out. But, I’m sure someone could find a way to cool the water then direct it to a pool for everyone to enjoy. Right?? Have only looked once for an e-mail from our realtor today. Honest. 🙂 Have no idea aside from the basin joke. Most of the literature used both terms in the same sentence.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Hmmmm, I’ve had bison burgers but never buffalo. Looks lovely over there, don’t forget to also watch out for mountain lions! Whatever u do, do not stare one in the eye. On your renovation plans for a house that is not yours yet, I’m on ur side. You gotta dream and plan and will it to happen. 😉


    • I might have to break down and google the difference aside from washing hands. Was it good? Not sure if I’ve actually eaten them or not. Yeah, mountain lions were on our “Watch out list” too. Never the eye, Never!!! 🙂 Thank you for supporting my folder. Also finally had a reason to use my Pintrest account. SHHHHHH. Anyway, it’s pretty wild me getting grief from a guy who has lists for everything.:)


  6. I’m with Babs, French or bifold doors that open completely as opposed to sliders. Must be time for another email to Becky, your realtor! After all, how can you move forward with your plans if you don’t know what the status of your for sale houses are! LOL! Bet you wish you had my “personal hotspot” with you now! And, John, Shelley did clean out some of the “Renovation ideas” from that folder… That’s when she was sure she’d won the lottery, I believe! Hahahahahahaha!


    • Abolutely. Of course it depends if we win the lottery on our houses! Indeed I did clean some things out. Of course I found this interesting site called Pinterest. Hehehe. I wouldn’t mind using your hotspot and being in one. Oh the rain!


  7. Bison live in North America; buffalo are in Asia (water buffalo) and Africa (cape buffalo). Same family; different genus. The early American settlers apparently didn’t have Google so they couldn’t look it up like I just did.


  8. Ha, I was reading down the comments really fast to see who would bite and google it. 😀 Glad Kate did it so I didn’t have to. We have encountered bison on our motorcycles, in South Dakota. Hmm, that is probably the only time we wished for doors. They are big, but none ever charged us.


    • I am glad too as I am too lazy! Didn’t know the big devils were in S. Dakota. Very intimidating creatures. Was very impressed with their indifference, not sure if that’s the word, maybe nonchalance to the truck but have seen enough videos to see what’s happens when they’ve had enough!


  9. Just hiked in Yellowstone for 5 days in August. Loved all of it…saw lots of bison and an elk (up close) but, unfortunately, no bears. I love the wide open spaces out west. We hiked in Southern Utah last Fall and look forward to more trips west.

    Good luck with house buying and selling!


  10. Hey Shelley. Don’t know how i missed this one (but my “Reader” overfloweth lately). That house has huge potential. I’ve always wanted a place with a view, and that one is stunning. Now i have to figure out how to catch up with that story so I know if you tried to buy it. Loved the sign about the bear poop. Huge hugs!


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