John and I with our surfing instructors, Rudy and Scott

John and I with our surfing instructors, Rudy and Scott (Owner of Surf Shack) Cost: For one hour, $65 American per person and after your lesson you keep the boards until you’re all tired out.)


IMG_0950John and Shelley: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!  Look at us. We’re surfing!

Shelley: Take that Bali surfer dude who ditched us half way through our surf lesson.

John: Yeah! Take that!

Shelley: Da da da da daaaaa daaaa da da da da daaaaa! Come on John. Hawaii Five O.

Shelley and John: Da da da da daaaaa daaaa da da da da daaaaa! Dee da da…


Shelley: Oh. Oh. Look out!

John: Huh? What’re you doing? Stop veering towards me.

Shelley: I’m definitely going to hit you.

John: Change direction.

Shelley: You change direction.

John: Shelley, I’m the one going straight. You’re the one off course. Change direction.

Shelley: Not going to happen.

John: Why not?

Shelley: I can’t.

John: Why not?

Shelley: Rudy’s only taught me how to stand up. Can’t you?

John: No.

Shelley: Why not?

John: Scott’s only taught me how to stand up.

Shelley: Do something.

John: Like what? Move the house a little to the left?

Shelley: John.

John: Shelley.

Shelley: John!

John: Shelley!

Shelley: Sorry.


342The next day…


Ha! Ha! we'd wait for those suckers to break. Maybe next time.

Ha! Ha! We’d wait for those suckers to break. Maybe next time.

Day 158, Feb. 16th, 2015

Day 158, Feb. 16th, 2015

John and Shelley, “The Comox Valley Echo” volunteer travel reporters signing off from Cerrito’s, Baja, Mexico.

33 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. That looks like a blast! I wish I had the balance for that, but I’d do well just to lie on top of one of those boards with no chance of standing!


      • We are still up in the air, but are focusing mostly on a less-than 40′ coach, pulling a less-than 20′ trailer with the bikes. Still 60 feet total and that seems huge huge huge to us. The toy haulers don’t seem to be as ‘solid’ inside. I am not sure what I am exactly trying to say, but solid seems right. The coaches make it nice for the people, and the bikes get the trailer. 🙂 You know what I mean???

        Our test rent in May is a 38′ diesel coach pulling our 12′ open metal mesh trailer. We shall see how we manage that. I am sensing that so many campgrounds don’t have pull-through sites and it would be a PAIN to back the bike trailer into a space somewhere else in the campground…wah, wah, this is a nice problem to have, I realize. 😀


      • A very nice problem. I do get the solid comment. If we are not blocked every which way, you can feel movement. Sounds like great fun. We are 42 feet in all. You’re right about backing up. But I see A classes unhooking to get into back up sites. Good luck.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I would much rather be 42′ total, but we haven’t found anything that size that we and the bikes could live in. Not yet, anyway. We still continue to look! I appreciate your comments when you see stuff, so keep em coming! 😀


  2. This was so hilarious. Especially after paying what you did, finding out all you know how to do is stand up! Looking mighty fine in your surfing outfits and Shelley, definitely going to ‘side with you,’ and telling your husband he is the one who should have avoided the accident, by changing directions! Funny stuff, you are always fun to visit with, both of you.


    • Ha! Ha! It was quite pricey, but we couldn’t get out fishing so sucked it up. I also sucked up crazy amounts of salt water. Cough. Cough. John should definitely learn how to steer! Thanks for dropping by. Am off to have a read.


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