Smart AssMy son, Matt: My turn.

My Scottish Daughter-in-law, Emma: Matt, last time you read the clues too fast, then too slow. This time read them properly.

Shelley: Yeah Matt. No throwing people off.

Matt: OK. OK.

Shelley: Right. Look everyone. I’m four away from winning. I can do this. I need to do this. It was my idea to buy this game but I haven’t won once. Not once.


John: And that’s why we’re playing it again at 8:30 in the morning because you didn’t win last night?

Shelley: Exactly. Go Matt.

Matt: (Sings to the tune of “Who Am I” from “Les Miserables): Who am I? Who am I?

Shelley: Oh. Oh. Oh. Hang on. I think I’ve got it.

Matt: (Continues singing): Who am I?

Shelley: Oh my God! It’s on the tip of my tongue. Ahhhh.

Matt: (Singing): I am a fictional character of stage and screeeeen.

Shelley: Ha! Ha! Ha! I’m pretty sure of the answer but maybe I’ll wait for one more clue.

Matt: (Sings) Who am I? I am from a 1900 Frank Baum story.

Shelley: Hmmmm… maybe I don’t but even so I’m going to have to go for it. Matt’s one move away from winning.

Matt: (Sings) I was played by Jack Harley in a 1939 movie.

Shelley: Ah! Ah! Jean Valjean!!!!! Ha! Ha! GIve me the dice. I’m going to win. I’m going to win.


Matt: Nope. Not him.

Shelley: What?


Matt: It’s not him.

Shelley: Matt!! You set me up. You sang all the clues as if you were Jean Valjean from “Les Miserables.”

Matt: Heh! Heh! Heh!

Shelley: It’s not fair. You did it on purpose because I was so close to winning. John?

John: I have a list to complete before Andrew and everyone else arrives.

Matt: Heh! Heh! Heh!

Shelley: Emma?

Emma: It’s true Matt. You set your mom up.

Shelley: Emma’s right. Your own mom. You set up your own mom. That’s terrible.

Emma: Terrible. But she’s out. Next clue.


Matt wins, again.

Matt wins, again.

Shelley and John wishing everyone a happy Christmas.

23 thoughts on “SMART ASS

  1. I’m liking the Scottish Daughter-in-law… better luck next time Shelly… it was the Tin Man, of course… I knew it as soon as Matt sung “Who am I?”

    Thanks for the fun all year… Merry Christmas to you and your crazy family.


  2. Oh that’s rotten! Never trust a game that has any sort of butt like that on the package, Shelley. o_O Seriously though it looks like everyone had a fun Christmas. That’s magical. I hope the fun never ends. Mega hugs!


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