Princess Down but not Out

December 22nd…

My daughter-in-law, Ash, Simendea, (Ash's mom), me, (Shelley), and my daughter-in-law, Emma

My daughter-in-law, Ash, Simendea, (Ash’s mom), me, (Shelley), and my daughter-in-law, Emma on the Salmon River Trail, Vancouver Island, BC

December 23rd…

John and Brian (Ash's dad) beating a retreat from Andrew

John and Brian (Ash’s dad) beating a retreat from Andrew (Cumberland, Vancouver Island)

Christmas Eve…

IMG_3726Family and friends wearing our gift of lumberjack shirts. “I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK.” Get it?
Christmas Dinner. Thanks everyone.

Christmas Dinner. Thanks everyone for helping out. Extra thanks to Simendea and John.

Introducing Emma's Christmas family tradition. The Kellog's Box Challenge. You take an empty cereal box.

Introducing Emma’s Christmas family tradition. The Cereal Box Challenge. You take an empty cereal box,

Attempt to pick it up using your mouth. Hands or knees not allowed to touch.

attempt to pick it up with your mouth. Hands or knees not allowed to touch the floor.


If successful, a strip is torn off and away competitors go again until ...

If successful, a strip is torn off and the competition continues.

Winners, Matt and Emma

Winners, Matt and Emma

December 30th…

Shelley and John: Happy 34th Anniversary. Mwahhhhh!!! Kiss. Kiss.

Shelley: Mmmm. This tea’s delicious. Thanks.

John: You’re welcome.

Shelley: A piece of cake would be nice, don’t you think?

John: Yes dear.


Shelley: Lovely. Whoops I forgot my phone in the bedroom. Do you mind fetching it for me?

John: Not at all.

Shelley: Thanks. I can…almost… reach…  my computer.

John: I’ve got it.

Shelley: Thank you. Oh oh the battery’s down to 5%.

John: Let me grab the plug for you.

Shelley: Thank you honey. I wonder what’s on TV.

John: Why don’t we watch Manchester United? I PVR’ed it so I could watch it when our company left.

Shelley: Or we could watch HGTV.

John: We sure could.

Shelley: No. No. I have a better idea. Why don’t I have a bath while you watch football?

John: Are you sure?

Shelley: Positive but I might need a little help with the taps. I do not want to fall again.

John: How’s the temperature?

Shelley: Perfect. Thank you. Before you leave do you mind moving the shampoo lower?

John: No problem.

Shelley: Sorry. And the conditioner.

John: Of course.

Shelley: How about bubbles? I love bubbles. How can anyone be depressed in a tub full of bubbles? Not that I really need a mood boost. Which is surprising, right?

John: Right.

Shelley: To be honest, I did cry after my fall,


but mostly because I was embarrassed to be taken off the hill in a tobaggan. I wanted a ski-doo. People think the worst when they see a toboggan.


Emma joining me in a wee cry.

Emma joining me in a wee cry.

And I knew 18 people were coming for Christmas Eve supper and I wouldn’t be able to do anything. But I needn’t have worried as family and friends stepped up throughout Christmas. Everyone was amazing.

John: Everyone “was” amazing.

Shelley: Others would have lost it if their doctor gave them a ticking off for waiting 5 days to have an x-ray, and warned them to stay off their broken leg or else risk having the bone pinned. But I didn’t.


My fibula let me down

John: You sure didn’t.

Shelley: And despite delaying our trip south for three weeks I’ve remained up beat. In fact, I’m amazed how little my life has changed since I broke my leg. Aren’t you?

John: Yes my precious “Princess down but not out.” I am.

Shelley and John wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

46 thoughts on “Princess Down but not Out

  1. Oh Shelley what a way to end the year! I’m so sorry! (Thank goodness you didn’t do it while trying to get the cereal box… 😉 ) The pictures leading up to it were so fun and wonderful…
    Wishing you a thriving Thursday and a thriving 2016! Hugs 🙂


  2. What some people won’t do for attention. And of course, photo documented… I’ll bet the ski patrollers had their ears talked off all the way down the hill. Heal Fast, Shelly, and Happy Anniversary to you and John! Happy New Year to the Gang… looks like you all had a great time.


    • No no noooo. Not that kind of attention. Told Matt might as well document it because what else can you do. Watched the Port Angeles ferry sail yesterday…. Happy New Year to you too.


  3. Oh Shelley !! Get well soon!! From the looks of X-ray it looks like not a lot of damage was done, so I’m glad ! Happy New Year to you too , Wish for you all the bes things in life and all the adventures your heart craves for. Much love,
    Zee ❤


  4. Oh NOOOOO!!!! For some reason I haven’t been getting updates from you guys, so i checked back to make sure there wasn’t a glitch. Sometimes WP unfollows for no reason. Anyhoo….then I saw THIS! Bummer. Understatement of the century, huh? Hope you’re on the mend and that 2016 only gets better.


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