99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Day 1: From “The Valley of Fire,” near Las Vegas, Nevada…

IMG1063IMG1089to the town of Jackpot, a small town on the border of Northern Nevada…
IMG1092Day 2: From Idaho…IMG1096IMG1103

To Oregon (18 hours of driving)…IMG1110

Day 3: From Oregon…

IMG1113to Blaine, Washington.  (26 hours of driving completed, and 1 hour left to go)….





Shelley: So, there was this womaaaaaaan…

John: Don’t. Please.

Shelley: Who lost her dawwwwggg….

John: I beg you. No.

Shelley: Whose name was…

John: Stop. 

Shelley: Titswiggle. Although she ran around the neighbourhood calling, “Titswiggle! TITSWIGGLE!!! OH TITSWIGGLE! WHERE ARE  YOUHOOOOOO????” she still couldn’t find him.

John: Oh Jesus.

Shelley: Frantic, she asked the bus driver, “Oh sir! Sir!!!!”

John: This is a terrible joke. 

Shelley: “Oh sir! SIR!!!!”  

John: Dear God. How many times have I heard this one?

Shelley: “Have you seen my Titswiggle?” 

John: Just shoot me.

Shelley: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha! And he said… Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

John: And wait for it. Waaaait for it.

Shelley: “No Ma’am, but I sure would like to!

John: And there it is.

Shelley: Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one, right?

John: Right.

Shelley: Did you notice that I didn’t forget the punch line?

John: I sure did. 



Shelley: Euuuuhhhhhhhh. I just Bomitted in my mouth. 

John: Lovely.

Shelley: Ughhh…. It was bacon fat and scrambled eggs. I never know what to do if that happens, if I should…

John: Shelley! You’re disgusting!



Shelley: If you could be someone else for a day who would it be?

John: A dog.

Shelley: Why?

John: So I could lick…

Shelley: John!!! Now who’s disgusting??



Shelley: Jaahhhhhhnnnnnn?

John: Yeeehhhhhssss?

Shelley: Want to see who can hold their breath the longest?

John: What? No! You’re driving.

Shelley: Trust me. I could still beat you long before I became dizzy. I am the champion breath holder in the hot tub of the family, you know. Well, actually, I’m second best. No one can beat my dad.


John: Not happening.

Shelley: Then how about we play “Two Truths and a Lie?”

John: Nahhhh!

Shelley: Seven-up?

John: I don’t think so.

Shelley: Gawwwwddddd! We still have  3/4’s of an hour left. What are we going to do?




Shelley: 99 bottles of beer on the wallllll! 99 BOTTLES OF BEER!!!!!!!! COME ON HONEY! By the time we finish the song, we’ll be in Blaine! 


Shelley and John

Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday

33 thoughts on “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

  1. “Look FRed(tm) now we know who stole our old Tom Tom. That’ll teach them, the damn thing always did get us lost and take us via France to get us ten miles down the road to the Ministry of Defence’s ”secret” testing site. I know Boy, I know and people think you’re mad for talking to a humOn too.”

    Orf to g,g,bing “titswiggle” now, tootle pip and have a nice journey home. Hmmm, mad they’re all mad.


  2. We have many of the same pics from that scenic vista in Oregon. Beautiful! The Valley of Fire was stunning as well. We came through at sunset coming from the Lake Mead park area after touring the damn while we were staying in Vegas. By the way – I for one loved the joke. I’ll be sure to keep it tucked away for when the miles get monotonous on our next journey. I’m sure my hubby will get a kick out of it! LOL Thanks 🙂


  3. Shelley that is so lame, it’s a grade four joke! It’s right up there with “why did the little moron take the fridge in the bathroom?” or “Mano, Mano was playing the piano..,,,


    • OK. As I never hear of those jokes, (seriously and I obviously need some new material for our next trip ) I went and googled those lines, ( how lame is that???) and I can’t find them. So, if you come back and read this, you have to tell me the punch lines… Please.


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  5. Hey you two, can’t you switch the radio on or try to make sentences out of number plates or play ‘I spy’ or at least sing “one green bottle hanging on the wall” it’s much shorter. Haha, the funniest thing was you thanking someone for a pingback hahaha!


    • You’re welcome. Unfortunately it’s one of those that come in to your brain right before you sleep. UGH. Just looking at the name of your blog makes me thin that we should have down loaded audio books. Next year. Glad you enjoy the pic’s.


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